Strange: Most Media Spent Little Time On Benghazi Hearings

Well, you’ve already been treated to the E-trade baby and his shocked face, so I’ll spare you

(MRC) Wednesday’s congressional hearings on the September 11 terrorists attacks in Benghazi provided a stark contrast between Fox News Channel and MSNBC. From the time the whistleblower testimony began at 11:36am through their conclusion after 5pm, FNC devoted 108 minutes to simply airing the hearing with no anchor commentary. MSNBC, in comparison didn’t allow any live coverage. Instead, the cable network aired a scant five minutes and 20 seconds of taped snippets of testimony.

CNN came in second, allowing a mere 17 minutes of footage. After the 2pm hour, CNN lost all interest, instead the network’s anchors eagerly promoted the coming verdict in the Jodi Arias murder trial. (FNC’s reporting on the story after 2pm dropped off to five minutes of taped footage.) The hearings commenced at 11:36 and so did Fox’s coverage. CNN waited until noon to break in and MSNBC came in last at 12:17 (with a taped report and discussion only).

That’s 108 minutes of live coverage for Fox News, 17 for CNN, and zero for MSNBC.

I’m not particularly surprised that CBS, NBC, and ABC did not provide live coverage, they rarely do, people might lynch them if they pre-empt the soaps. But, let’s look at the evening news

(MRC) In total, the three network evening newscasts gave a combined 19 minutes 12 seconds to coverage of the kidnapping case, while only 10 minutes 3 seconds to the new Benghazi revelations. A nearly 2-to-1 disparity.

[UPDATE: On Thursday night, May 9, ABC’s World News and the CBS Eevening News didn’t mention Benghazi. NBC Nightly News offered 27 seconds on House Speaker John Boehner’s call for the release of State Department e-mails.]

None led with the hearings. Nor did their morning shows on Thursday provide real coverage, only 7 minutes overall to 56 for Jodi Arias. Just imagine if Obama was a Republican, or had John McCain been president. Consider the wall to wall lead story coverage for Abu Ghraib for weeks, an issue which the DoD had been investigating for 6 months prior to being exposed, and conducted by low level soldiers being jerks, where no-one was killed nor really injured, just their feelings.

Related, the talking points for Benghazi were changed 12 times, per ABC’s exclusive (kudos for printing the story, perhaps someone other than CBS’ Sharyl Attkinson is interested in journalism before politics). Obviously, the liberals linked in the Memeorandum pull are spinning furiously.

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5 Responses to “Strange: Most Media Spent Little Time On Benghazi Hearings”

  1. john says:

    well of course IF Americans actually wanted to focus on Benghazi all they would have to do is watch Fox News. But they do not. Americans have many media choices, no one forces them to choose. On any given night during prime time news hour only about 10% of American TVs tune in to Fox. Your problem is that you do not want Americans watching what they want to watch.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    So john really believes if the other 90% of the news don’t talk about a story, that won’t impact people’s interest.

    Yeah. That makes sense.

    The fact of the matter is that the administration lied to the American people. Even if one were to accept the premise that the decisions on the security of the embassy were made in good faith, that doesn’t excuse the lies the President, the Secretary of State, and the UN Ambassador told.

    They knew the day of the attack that it was not because of a video and they still lied.

    That should trouble most honest people.

    I wonder why it doesn’t bother john?

  3. John, like most leftists, couldn’t care less if 4 Americans died if it protects Obama. It really is sad how they choose a cult of personality over American lives.

    Of course, Americans do want to find out what’s going on, hence the massive ratings for Fox News over MSNBC, CNN, and Headline News.

  4. Conservative Beaner says:

    Obama couldn’t explain how he failed to protect a single Ambassador for the same reason that he couldn’t prevent the Boston terrorist bombing.

    He fails to call terrorism for what it is, Jihad. If the truth is told it will expose the lies the administraion has been telling about the war on terrorism.

    MSNBC and CNN along with the rest of the compliant media are helping Obama and this will endanger more Americans by further terrorist attacks.

  5. Gumball_Rally says:

    People don’t care period until it affects them personally. Hardly anyone even knows what a Benghazi is let alone that 4 people died.

    People are sheep. THe news media helps them stay sheep. Many people of today are shallow self centered egotists. How else do you explain how a proposed fee on ATM use gets much more air time, much more fury, than 4 americans getting betrayed by their country and ultimately shot and killed by terrorists that are now being militarily and financially supported by the same administration?

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