Tell Me If You’ve Heard This One Before: Democrat Area Not Enthused By Proposed Solar Plant

Do you find it interesting that so many liberal dominant areas keep complaining about the construction of solar panels where they can see them. Or somewhat near where they live (just like with other types of alternatives)

( Residents will get their chance Thursday night to weigh in on a plan to build a solar power plant in the township (Bedminster, NJ) that has been drawing stark criticism from opponents for more than a year. (snip)

Opponents of plan say the property in Bedminster eyed for the project — Kirby Farm — is a historic piece of farmland, and see no benefit to supplying power to an out-of-town business. They also think it could hurt the environment and damage property values. (snip)

A petition on says the project — which would consist of 8-foot high solar arrays, access roads, concrete pads and multiple 10- and 20-ton inverter power stations surrounded by a 7-foot high chain link fence — “will irreparably harm the area’s natural resources and destroy community’s rural character.” The petition has more than 250 signatures.

Strange. Somerset County went for Obama 52-48 during the 2012 election, yet they do not seem all that interested in following Obama’s master plan for all sorts of “green energy”, which apparently will hurt the environment and destroy property values (?). Good little Obamazombies shouldn’t care about those, we’re saving the planet!

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