The Future Of Climate Change In Australia Looks Super Duper Horrible!!!!!!!

All because of CO2

(Daily Telegraph) A COMBINATION of the state’s dry summer, lack of moisture in the soil and Australia’s carbon dioxide emissions could be the reasons behind Adelaide experiencing an unusually warm May. (snip)

Climate Institute chief executive officer John Connor said he believed the world’s carbon dioxide emissions omitted from coal, oil and gas were the scientific reason behind our hot and cold weather extremes.

“Events are being made worse by climate change… because we have been driving extra heat and energy into the climate system,” he said.

Mr Connor predicted an unpleasant future if Australia – and the world – did not put a price and limit on carbon.

“We are changing the climate and we are loading the dice for more weather extremes,” he said.

Hmm, hotcoldwetdry. And here’s how bad Aussies are effected

She looks extremely miserable, eh? Well, no wonder, because she has an evil dog, which is killing Gaia. She should just go ahead and eat the dog.

Via Tom Nelson. We’ll consider this a precursor to today’s If All You See…, and name The First Street Journal as a blog of the day, with a post on a louse or a loon.

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One Response to “The Future Of Climate Change In Australia Looks Super Duper Horrible!!!!!!!”

  1. Globally_Warmed_Balls says:

    Well, I’ll give it to Mr John Conners, he’s got all the correct PC buzzwords in there. Unfortunately, they just show how stupid and ignorant he really is.

    It is amazing how the early days of British settlement in Australia were fraught with dangers, not the least of which was heatstroke and running out of water due to the intense heat of the summers.

    I also find it amazing that the sheer act of just putting a price on “carbon” (snort\snicker) will stop temperatures from rising.

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