What Is “Climate Change”?

Steven Goddard offers up a nice concise idea

Global warming was a tough one for Obama and the rest of his band of witch burners, because it involved actual metrics – which didn’t pan out.

So they changed their meme to “climate change” which has no metrics, no definition, no theoretical basis, no boundaries, no way to prove or disprove – and they can blame every weather event on it.

And they do blame every weather event on it, hence the reason I call it hotcoldwetdry. They also blame earthquakes and volcanoes on it. Whatever happens, climate change always seems to be in the mix. And when they say “climate change” they mean Mankind is causing it. And virtually everything mankind does causes it, in their warped minds. Except for things they like (even when they are bad for the environment itself, such as producing palm oil for biofuels, making solar panels, and others), and the things they like always seem to revolve around increasing government and instituting far left doctrine.

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2 Responses to “What Is “Climate Change”?”

  1. Global_Gumballs says:

    Warming whatchit?

    What is “wharmmmynk?

    There’s snow in them thar hills and 20” in Ft COllins Colorado.

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