Good Grief: Massive Snow During World Cup Qualifying Matches What Global Warming Looks Like

In a sane world most people, including the media, would treat Warmists like crazy loopy cultists, not take them seriously (h/t Tom Nelson)

Snowy soccer is just a taste of what climate change will do to sports

The snow that blanketed yesterday’s World Cup qualifying match between the United States and Costa Rica, which the US won with a single, sloppy goal in the first half, made for an amusing contest, but no one seemed eager to play soccer in a blizzard ever again. They may not have a choice.

Here’s a handy picture of what global warming looks like:

March snow in the northern hemisphere, let alone in a high-altitude city like Denver, Colorado, may not seem unusual, but it is. Denver doesn’t usually get blizzards this time of year, which may be why FIFA felt comfortable scheduling a match there on the second day of spring. And while it’s impossible to attribute any particular storm to climate change, warming trends are clearly leading to more powerful winter weather. Denver will get a foot of snow before this storm is over.

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8 Responses to “Good Grief: Massive Snow During World Cup Qualifying Matches What Global Warming Looks Like”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    warming trends are clearly leading to more powerful winter weather.

    So, when it gets warmer, it makes the weather colder?

    I can’t believe how much snow has been coming based on the excess heat we’ve been going through of late. I’m betting this quarter will be the hottest part of the year, and the hottest for ever.

  2. They really do boggle the mind.

  3. john says:

    ow Teach just last year was the hottest year EVAH in the USA. We are still in the midst of a extremely bad drought, and then this “unusual” weather?? Gee it almost seems like the climate has changed. But of course that is just what the hippies said was going to happen. And Teach the temps in Denver??? were they very cold ? or was it just a typical TEMP with a lot of percipitation? And was there any snow in Abu Dhabi….. because that would/may be important also

  4. john says:

    Teach Denver gets snow FREQUENTLY in April. In 2003 in March they got over 30 inches.
    Typically Denver will get 6 inches of snow in APRIL. They typically get over 10 inches in MARCH.
    But I guess you gotta use what you got to try and prove that the Earth is not warming.

  5. […] I forgot, this cold weather is global warming, they just changed the name to climate change, and this is what it looks like. Silly me.Tweetvaso linkgoogle_ad_client = "ca-pub-1395656889568144"; /* 300×250, created 8/11/08 […]

  6. gitarcarver says:

    Teach just last year was the hottest year EVAH in the USA.

    You keep saying that. I dinna tink that means what you tink it means.

    So as usual, when the argument goes againt john, he changes the subjevt.

  7. Interestingly, John inadvertently makes the point that the person who wrote the post about climate change causing lots of snow is an idiot.

    And John? Please step away from the bong, because you’re short term memory is hosed. None of us, including me, are saying that the world hasn’t warmed. It has. We are arguing over what caused it.

  8. gumball_brains says:

    You just stated that Colorado does get snow in March and April. And yet you are trying to say that the normal snowfall is now tied to global warming?

    Get your talking points straight.

    And, yes john, that is why they are called droughts. They tend to be long lasting. Do you recall the drought that occurred in the SE US a few years ago? The states were near to civil war over water rights as their lakes were drying up. Do you hear any news about that now? Droughts come and go. If not, the areas become deserts and droughts are common place then.

    Wait, that’s odd. Weren’t deserts filled with tropical forests at one point? Odd that things changed before man came along, huh?

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