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Raaaaacism Today: “Chicago” Is Now Part Of The Dog Whistle Lexicon

They really just can’t help themselves. I understand there’s a medicine for this (Newsbusters) Chris Matthews was on Hardball tonight covering the Republican National Convention with guests Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post and John Heilemann of New York Magazine.  In what is seemingly the natural progression of things these days with Matthews, the subject […]

If All You See…

…is a world flooded because someone used their ice maker, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Riehl World View, in which Dan tells Juan Williams to stop digging.

Moron Wonders Why GOP Still Ignores Climate Change

Well, first, if you’re referring to it using a political phrase, climate change, rather than a scientific one, anthropogenic global warming, yeah, we ignore it. Second, when you start blaming snow storms on the release of greenhouse gases, well, then you truly are a brainwashed moron. Witness Patrick Doyle at Boston Magazine Why Does the […]

Paul Ryan Electrifies RNC

There were many great speakers at the RNC Wednesday, among them Condi Rice and Tim Pawlenty (who should have shown that same passion before he ended up dropping out of the primaries), but the star of the night was, of course, Paul Ryan (Fox News) Paul Ryan rallied the Republican convention audience Wednesday night as […]

Obama Does Reddit, Says Afghan Surge Toughest Decision

Yesterday, while some Democrats and media sources were wondering about whether it was appropriate for the GOP to hold their convention as Isaac was striking Louisiana, Obama was holding numerous campaign events, including an on-line convo on Reddit (you can see all the questions and answers together here). The Washington Post has the top 5 […]

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