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Bummer: Generation X Not Really Concerned With Globull Warming

Gen X has other things to worry about, like an economy in the toilet, debt, deficits, fiscal instability, job instability, etc (USA Today) Amid a summer of record-setting heat, most of Generation X ‘s young adults are uninformed and unconcerned about climate change, says a survey today. Calling them stupid is surely a great way […]

US Shoppers Don’t Particularly Care About “Going Green”

Here’s your chance, Warmists, step up and practice what you preach…..what’s that? That would be too difficult? And expensive? Hey!!!!! We’re trying to heal the planet, ya know! (WARC via Tom Nelson) Consumers in emerging markets such as India and China are much more “green” than their counterparts in the US and Canada, a study […]

If All You See…

…is a fridge that is bad for globull warming, especially the ice maker, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Looking Spoon.

Could A Simple Mistake Destroy Obamacare?

Also, doesn’t Ezra Klein know that calling the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare” is raaaaacist? Case Western Reserve University’s Jonathan Adler and Cato Institute’s Michael Cannon argue in a new paper that any federally-established health insurance exchange does not have the authority to dole out health insurance subsidies. Those subsidies are important: They are the $800 […]

GOP Effectively Kills Law Of The Sea Treaty

My question is, why aren’t all GOP Senators against this boondoggle? We know why Democrats love it: it puts quite a bit of American sovereignty in the hands of the United Nations as well as other issues (Daily Caller) With 34 Republican senators now opposing a United Nations effort to regulate international waters, the Law […]

Obama Discusses Vision For Second Term: A Lot Of Spending

No one should be particularly shocked. It’s all he knows, especially since it’s not his money (via Erika Johnsen from Townhall) Of course, he uses the word “invest” as a euphemism for spending boodles of Someone Else’s cash. Money we don’t have. On projects that have so far failed. He wants “investments” in more failed […]

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