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This Is What “Global Warming” Legislation Looks Like

Hmm, kinda wish I had seen this unhinged article by the AP’s Seth Borenstein earlier this morning when I posted “People Pretty Upset Over Unintentional Earth Hours” regarding the outages from the crazy storms last Friday. This is what Borenstein is pushing If you want a glimpse of some of the worst of global warming, […]

NC Democrat Hits Wrong Button, Passes NC Fracking Veto Over-ride

The Lonely Conservative goes with “LOL!” I have to go with “bwahahahahahahahahah-snort-hahahahahaha!” (WRAL) State House lawmakers have apparently accidentally legalized fracking in North Carolina, due to a deciding vote one Democrat says was a mistake. Rep. Becky Carney, D-Mecklenburg, says she did not intend to cast the key vote that overrode the governor’s veto of […]

Bummer: EU Failing To Reach CO2 Targets

Is anyone particularly shocked? (AZ.cleantech.com) In 2005, the Kyoto Protocol went into effect. The EU had 15 member nations in 2004, and it formed a system for trading carbon allowances. A carbon tax had been imposed by the Scandinavian nations since the 1990s. These two measures were part of the EU’s efforts to reduce carbon […]

If All You See…

…is the flag of the worlds’ worst carbon polluter, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is the Troglopundit, who doesn’t have an American Flag favicon, but is a big Danica fan.

Obama’s Top 10 Broken Promises

What, only 10? As The Lonely Conservative writes “President Obama has so many broken promises, I wonder how they managed to whittle it down to just ten.” Graphic originally from here. It’s a long one, so it’s buried beneath the fold Doug Ross: “this chart pretty much sums up the SCOAMF effect.” PS: I thought […]

People Pretty Upset Over Unintentional Earth Hours

Last November, a United Nations report told us just how evil air conditioning and refrigerators are. And a couple weeks ago the NY Times had a hissy fit over A/C, but, of course, wants those in developing nations to bear the burden of having their A/C restricted. Warmist policies would lead to rolling brownouts and […]

Charlotte To Limit DNC Protest Groups

That’s right, the Charlotte, NC city council, comprise of 10 Democrats, including the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem, and only 2 Republicans has decided to limit the 1st Amendment Rights of protesters (WRAL) The city of Charlotte is holding a lottery to decide which groups can protest against September’s Democratic National Convention and when. The […]

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