US Shoppers Don’t Particularly Care About “Going Green”

Here’s your chance, Warmists, step up and practice what you preach…..what’s that? That would be too difficult? And expensive? Hey!!!!! We’re trying to heal the planet, ya know!

(WARC via Tom Nelson) Consumers in emerging markets such as India and China are much more “green” than their counterparts in the US and Canada, a study has discovered.

National Geographic, the broadcaster, and GlobeScan, the research group, polled 17,000 people in 17 countries, and found that uptake of eco-friendly behaviour had increased in just five nations since 2010, and had decreased in nine.

….when it came to choosing environmentally responsible options in the areas of food, housing and transportation, as well as upon making purchases…The US, by contrast, only recorded 44.7 points (dead last), behind Canada’s 47.9 points and Japan’s 48.5 points.

Hey, I’m green, I love buying these locally grown plums at the Lowe’s Foods near where I work.

However, there was a substantial gap between the number of interviewees perceiving themselves as being “green”, on 56%, and those which met the criteria required to earn such a status, on 34%.

Shocking! People are …… lying about going green? That’s a sin against Gaia!

When asked to select the words associated with green consumers, the terms “responsible”, “caring”, “healthy” “innovative” and “smart” proved prominent. But more negative words like “weird” “annoying” and “self-obsessed” were also commonly-cited.

What about “utter hypocrites”? Did that make the list?

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2 Responses to “US Shoppers Don’t Particularly Care About “Going Green””

  1. john says:

    Toyota expects their Prius to soon be their ntop selling model.

  2. Doubtful. Only way that happens if the cancel Corolla and Camry. But, Prius sales are still going up as the costs go down. I like them, think they are a great car. I’d like to see more hybrids, especially more powerful ones.

    Bet you didn’t expect that response!

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