Girl Who Took Long Unnecessary Fossil Fueled Flight Tells Rio+20 To “Do Something”

I mentioned before how a New Zealand girl, Brittany Trilford, won a trip to attend the Rio+20 taxpayer funded vacation conference and speak to them, writing

Said trip (both ways) from New Zealand to Rio would produce over 6,100 pounds of CO2. The average citizen of the world puts out 4 tons of CO2. That means that this one trip for a 3 minute video puts out 3/4ths of what most world citizens put out per year.

Here’s how it went, via Treehugger

What would you say if given the opportunity to tell world leaders your thoughts on climate change? For 17 year-old New Zealander, Brittany Trilford, that opportunity became a reality this morning at the Rio+20 Earth Summit. Invited to provide the opening speech, Trilford delivered a polite, but stern address to the 130 heads of state and representatives in attendance. Her demand: Do something.

Here’s part of her speech

“I stand here with fire in my heart, though I’m a bit bushed from my long unnecessary fossil fueled flight. I’m confused and angry at the state of the world and having had to walk from the airport instead of being picked up in a limo and I want us to work together now to change this. We’ve all taken unnecessary fossil fueled to solve the problems that we have caused by taking unnecessary fossil fueled flights as a collective, to ensure that we have a future in which Other People are charged ridiculous amounts if they are allowed take unnecessary fossil fueled flights.

You and your governments have promised to reduce poverty and sustain our environment by taxing the bejesus out of individuals who dare charge their iPhones, like this one in my pocket. You have already promised to combat climate change, ensure clean water and food security, and that’s a pretty awesome spread you have out in the reception room. Is that Chilean Sea bass? Multi-national corporations have already pledged to respect the environment, green their production, compensate for their pollution, and pass the costs on to the consumers. These promises have been made and yet, still, our future is in danger from a whopping zero degrees F rise in temperatures during this century after a massive 1.4 degrees F during the 20th Century.

We are all aware that time is ticking and is quickly running out. You have 72 hours to decide the fate of your children, my children, my children’s children, but, then, you’ve already f*cked us with your debt and deficit policies that have mortgaged our futures so you could get re-elected. And I start the clock now… tck tck tck.”

Or something like that. What the speech was about was basically the usual warmist speech telling Someone Else to pay the piper, while the Warmists live high on the hog.

As Tom Nelson points out from a tweet, the audience yawned.

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3 Responses to “Girl Who Took Long Unnecessary Fossil Fueled Flight Tells Rio+20 To “Do Something””

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    OMG>.. you had me so going!
    I was about to stand up and shout.

    I would pay the airfare for a noted person to go and do just that.

    Now, I’m sad that it didn’t happen. I think I’ll drive my truck to the ice cream store across town and grab some ice cream. Nearby store is not as good, and as of now, I still have a choice.

  2. And, see, ice cream comes from milk, which comes from cows, which emit some sort of nebulous greenhouse gas which the media doesn’t like to discuss, so you are really being bad about your carbon footprint.

  3. Trish says:

    Has this child been serilized yet? ’cause she ought to be.

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