Washington Post Frets Over Norfolk Being Flooded By Sea Level Rise And Sinking Land

Warmists just can’t help themselves. The sea level gauges show that, yes, there has been sea level rise since the beginning of the 20th century, above average rise, mostly because those gauges have been subsiding because Norfolk was built on sinking land. The WP even mentions in its headline that Norfolk was built on sinking ground, but, everybody panic, globull warming is causing the sea to rise!!!!!!1!!!

(Washington Post) In Norfolk, Virginia’s second-largest city, with 250,000 residents, Faella’s concerns aren’t the isolated fears of one woman living on the river’s edge. The entire city is worried. Miles of waterways that add to Norfolk’s charm are also a major threat in the era of increased global warming and relative rising sea levels, as well as its odd and unique sinking ground.

But, it has to be because someone drove an SUV.

Along the southeast coast, other cities in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Florida are monitoring Norfolk’s response to the flooding, knowing they could soon face similar challenges. Low-lying Gulf and Pacific coast cities are also watching.

Except, in most of those areas, the sea level rise has been flat or well within the historical norms of the past 7,000 years, after the massive sea level rise leveled off post-ice age. But, of course, Warmists say “it could happen! Our crystal balls and tea leaves tell us so!”

Tides rise daily, but as the climate warms, seas have risen and pushed up the Chesapeake Bay around Norfolk a few inches each year, scientists said. In the spring tidal cycle, waters sometimes rise a foot or more above normal.

Worse, the ground is sinking in Tidewater, as Hampton Roads is also known. It sits in the nation’s largest known geologic impact crater, an Ice Age formation that’s causing land to drop about seven inches every century, accounting for about one-third of the sea-level change.

Except, that crater is about 35 million years old. So much for the rest of the “science” in the article.

Essentially, Norfolk sits in swampy area which has been subsiding and sees lots of erosion from being on the ocean and at the mouth of so many waterways. Much like New Orleans and Venice, it wasn’t a particularly wise place to build.

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3 Responses to “Washington Post Frets Over Norfolk Being Flooded By Sea Level Rise And Sinking Land”

  1. mojo says:

    Venice was built in a swamp to avoid attacks.

    Norfolk was built in a swamp because that’s what was there, and ships don’t go inland real well.

  2. Paul says:

    I live here. As mojo said, it’s built on a swamp.And what isn’t swamp, is a sandbar! It’s called “Tidewater” for a fricken’ reason!

  3. Exactly. But, you know globull warming is the only answer

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