We’re Saved! Youth Wins Contest To Take Fossil Fueled Flight To Rio20

Obviously, said youth will tell us about the evils of fossil fueled flights

(Grist) If you had just a few minutes to address world leaders —to give the ultimate “My Fellow Earthlings” speech —what would you say? That was essentially the question behind A Date With History, a challenge sponsored by the climate campaign Tcktcktck, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Climate Nexus. They invited anyone between the ages of 13 and 30 to write a speech addressing the attendees of the Earth Summit in Rio next month.

Tell the bigwigs about what kind of future you want, they said. The best speechifier will win a trip to Rio —and possibly a chance to address the gathering in person.

Save the future by spewing tons of evil greenhouse gases.

Her name is Brittany Trilford. She’s 17, from Wellington, New Zealand, and yeah, she’s got some things to say to the folks who are in charge —about broken promises, about the consequences of corporate and government actions, and about what we could learn from nature about how to run the planet.

What she’s not going to do is practice what she preaches. Notice, like most Warmists, she wants someone else to Do Something (video available at the above link).

Said trip (both ways) from New Zealand to Rio would produce over 6,100 pounds of CO2. The average citizen of the world puts out 4 tons if CO2. That means that this one trip for a 3 minute video puts out 3/4ths of what most world citizens put out per year.

Heh: Tom Nelson “Hooray!: Brainwashed 17-year-old wins a trip to Rio for three-minute speech where she suggests that trace amounts of CO2 may cause her to not have a future”

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2 Responses to “We’re Saved! Youth Wins Contest To Take Fossil Fueled Flight To Rio20”

  1. Trish says:

    Yes, it must be nice to be so in tune with the earth, and not with reality!!!

    Have you seen this little tidbit?


    Living in PA, I know how fracking and coal have sustained many regions, and in fact lowered the unemployment rates!!! As I passed through WV myself in March, there were a couple of huge billboards that said “Obama’s No Job Zone”. Pretty darn accurate, and only going to get worse if he’s allowed to keep his job.

    Bu perhaps he wants to necessarily skyrocket OUT of the Whitehouse…God willing!

  2. Liberals hate fracking, right up tovthe point their own energy costs rise.

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