Wisconsin Elections: The Aftermath

With 99% of precincts report, Gov. Scott Walker defeated Democrat Tom Barrett by 53-46, a larger win for Walker than his first win in 2010. It does look like the Senate might flip back to the Democrats, though. Lt. Gov Rebecca Kleefisch also easily won, and provides the quote of the night

That’s what all the liberals were chanting during their 16 month hissy fit. Of course, Dems aren’t real pleased with “democracy” when they lose.

Gateway Pundit features a Democrat crying like a 5 year old over the loss. Unshockingly, a Democrat is crying “voter fraud.” If Walker was defeated, does anyone think Dems would still be concerned?

Jammie Wearing Fools highlights lots of Democrat whining, including a story by Progressive tool Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post complaining that this loss was all about the money. Which is rather funny, since Obama easily outspent McCain in 2008, and bragged that he was going to raise $1 billion for the 2012 election. If money is so bad, why do I receive multiple fundraising emails from Team Obama almost daily? Doesn’t matter where it comes from, it’s spendable.

Anyhow, The Politico provides the aftermath on The Biggest Losers

“If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?”

Well, politics is all about keeping score — and Democrats suffered a good old-fashioned beatdown. They invested seven months of effort, tens of millions of dollars, exhausted volunteers to collect nearly 1 million signatures. Then, they litigated an extremely divisive primary and spent millions more — all to get back to exactly where they were when they started: with Walker on top.

Democrats are trotting out talking points now that this has nothing to do with the national race.

“Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.”

Democrats are right on this score: The race had absolutely nothing to do with Barack Obama. Indeed, the number of voters in Wisconsin who didn’t have strong opinions on Walker could fit in the checkout line at Kohl’s. In exit polling, voters Tuesday said they favored Obama over Republican Mitt Romney by 51 percent to 45 percent.

But make no mistake: the outcome signaled in powerful and durable ways that Wisconsin today looks exponentially more in play this fall than it did a mere month ago.

Yet, Republicans mostly cruised to easy victories. Long time incumbent Russ Feingold lost to Ron Johnson. Republicans are already fired up in Wisconsin, and Obama only leads by 6.

The story goes on to discuss enthusiasm and confidence, both of which Republicans have and Democrats don’t following this election, which Team Obama essentially ran from. Let’s also consider that Democrat voting unions spent oodles of money, with that money pouring in from all over the country. And now they have less money for the national election. And, as the year goes on, we’ll get to see that the Wisconsin Republicans fiscal policies in action. If they continue to improve the economic conditions in Wisconsin, that will look bad for Democrats and Obama.

More: American Power features progressives and union members being utterly crushed.

Twitchy features liberals making death threats against Walker.

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