What Say To A Super Bowl In…..London

Some ideas are too dumb to even throw against the wall to see if they stick

(CBS Sports) The members of the Super Bowl committee lately have been content to award hosting duties in cities in the northern part of the U.S. For instance, Indianapolis here and New Jersey in 2014. But what about an international Super Bowl?

Apparently, that’s been something the committee has discussed.

“There’s a little bit of change in philosophy,” Irsay said Monday. “We have the 50-year anniversary coming up, which we’re looking at. There are some members of our committee who have been thinking about having an international Super Bowl in London. That obviously has some real pluses and minuses if you weren’t going to have it on America soil. Right now, we’re in a wait-and-see approach.”

I’d love to hear one of those pluses, because I damned sure can’t think about one. I can sure think of some minuses

  • The stadiums on London aren’t really set up for American football, where the players are much heavier than soccer players, and we’ve seen these problems when the NFL plays in Europe
  • The SB committee would be basically giving a big “f*ck you” to all the fans of the two SB bound teams, who would have an even tougher time in trying to attend the game
  • It would create an even bigger circus, and would be difficult for the teams to prepare, and the game could potentially be crap
  • They’d be screwing one of the American cities which have an NFL team, who’d be out lots of $$$ for the game
  • As much as England is cool, would you really want two weeks of fluff stories about things in England and players visiting them?
  • London is 5 hours ahead of NY – the SB traditionally starts at 630pm Eastern time. Would they start it at 1130pm London time? Or have to start it at 130pm Eastern time on Super Bowl Sunday?

Let’s put this really bad idea in the hopper with the Chevy Volt, Operation Fast And Furious, having lunch delivered to an interview, Jersey Shore, the Extreme Football League, and Gigli, among others.

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One Response to “What Say To A Super Bowl In…..London”

  1. Word says:

    I think its political posturing. The NFL has a lot of appeal in Europe. They even have football leagues over there or did…..gee now that I think about it Im not sure if they are still playing or not…..

    but anyway……the NFL is like every other corporation….they want money……when you feel as if you’ve reached the limit and potential of the local yokels you look beyond your shores…….

    Every American corporation has done it and now the NFL is starting to do it. Even Nascar is testing the waters by running races in Canada, Japan and Mexico.

    Right now Im again it……Its like England playing their national championship soccer game in…….in…….


    Just doesnt make sense……..

    If they want to create a circus they need to play the PRO BOWL in differing Venues each year instead of Hawaii.

    Hawaii hardly lacks for revenue from tourism and would not miss the absence of the Pro Bowl at all.

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