Bummer: Extreme Hurricanes Much More Prevalent When CO2 Was Much Lower

Remember all the times we were told, including in UN IPCC assessments, that the number of hurricanes would increase because someone drove an SUV? And then we were told that maybe that wasn’t quite right, but, someone charging their iPhone would make hurricanes stronger? And then that didn’t pan out. But, if we look in the past (via C3 Headlines)

(CO2 Science) “Lane et al. developed a 4500-year record of intense hurricane-induced storm surges based on data obtained from “a nearly circular, 200-m-diameter cover-collapse sinkhole…reconstructed record of intense hurricanes revealed that the frequency of these “high-magnitude” events “peaked near 6 storms per century between 2800 and 2300 years ago.” Thereafter, it suggests that they were “relatively rare” with “about 0-3 storms per century occurring between 1900 and 1600 years ago,” after which they state that these super-storms exhibited a marked decline, which “began around 600 years ago” and has persisted through the present with “below average frequency over the last 150 years when compared to the preceding five millennia.”” [Philip Lane, Jeffrey P. Donnelly, Jonathan D. Woodruff, Andrea D. Hawkes 2011: Marine Geology]

What does that mean? Hurricanes were more powerful and more frequent the further back you go over the past 4500 years, when CO2 was considerably lower, and the frequency is much lower that previous over the past 150 years. Don’t you hate when scientists do real world science and prove that Warmists are hysterics and practice with crystal balls?

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One Response to “Bummer: Extreme Hurricanes Much More Prevalent When CO2 Was Much Lower”

  1. Word says:

    I remember having my first real debate with an AGW far left radical progressive about 7 years ago.

    Wow was that an eye opening experience.

    I remember having my first real debate with an Atheist about that same time….again another eye opening experience.

    I thought I knew the facts….was able to debate both and boy was I wrong……

    Without facts, documents and talking points an AGW or Atheist will eat you alive in a debate…….

    They have perfected their mantra in order to convice the masses………we on the other side need to do the same

    armed with the facts….AGW people are comical. Armed with the facts and the proper so called talking points….atheists are comical.

    Without the facts and the talking points……the AGW and the atheists and the commies will rip you a new one.

    As Clint Eastwood said…..”He should have armed himself.”

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