Hooray! Obama Plans Yet Another Lazer Like Focus On Jobs And The Economy

We learn this in a The Hill article which suggests that liberals and leftists will not particularly like the Presidents proposed budget. Fortunately, the Democrat led Senate will never bother to pass it. Anyhow

Top White House officials are warning liberal and labor leaders to brace themselves for President Obama’s budget proposal.

Gene Sperling, director of the National Economic Council, sought in meetings last week to lift the left’s gloom about Washington’s crackdown on spending by promising that the president this year will focus on job creation rather than deficit cutting.

Obama staffers sought to present their budget plan as a glass half full. According to sources familiar with the briefings, they promised that the president will focus on jobs and the economy, instead of deficit-cutting, which dominated last year’s debate on Capitol Hill.

Unfortunately, every time Obama focuses on the economy and job, they both go downhill. Because the guy still has no clue how either work.

Senior administration officials fear a backlash from the left and are trying to prepare their allies to expect a disappointing budget, sources say.

So, the Left is going to be upset by reduced government spending? This should show up in a Republican commercial about “spending other people’s money”. I bet if they had to more of their own paychecks, for the 41% of Democrats who actually pay federal taxes, they’d be in favor of reducing the Central Government spending.

Back to jobs. SCOAMF’s election website, via their silly #attackwatch, links to a Talking Points Memo article which whines about Romney saying Obama has no jobs plan

Mitt Romney levels plenty of attacks at President Obama, but his claim in Monday night’s South Carolina debate that the White House “doesn’t have a jobs plan” is so blatantly misleading it really deserves a moment here.

President Obama has been pushing a bill called the American Jobs Act for months, a $447 billion package that includes billions in tax cuts, funding to prevent teacher layoffs, and investments in education and transportation infrastructure. You may remember it from the time he called a rare joint session of Congress in September to announce the legislation or from the many times the Senate debated its individual components throughout the rest of the year. By all indicators, it will play a central role in his re-election campaign. Disagree with it if you will, but it’s factually inaccurate to say he doesn’t have a plan.

Is Obama still pushing that diarrhea of a plan, which includes the same measures that failed in the Stimulus, and only save jobs in the public sector, along with helping out union jobs, mostly in the public sector? Giving people education, particularly college education, doesn’t actually create jobs, and creates depression among those who get their sheepskin in social studies and realize that they are only qualified to work as a burger flipper, if there are any burger flipper jobs around.

And, yeah, it should play a central role in his defeat campaign: the eventual GOP nominee should highlight that Obama’s plan would fail just like the Stimulus.

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4 Responses to “Hooray! Obama Plans Yet Another Lazer Like Focus On Jobs And The Economy”

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  2. Black Flag says:

    “Unfortunately, every time Obama focuses on the economy and job, they both go downhill. Because the guy still has no clue how either work.”

    I have a raging debate going with someone: Is Obama doing this deliberately or is he really just a moron? It’s been three years and neither one of us can really tell. Believe me, the arguments that he is a moron are quite compelling.

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  4. I don’t think Obama is doing this intentionally or is a raging moron. I think it is more of a case of he just doesn’t know better, and his raging progressive/communist background won’t let him see anything else.

    The guy is probably pretty darned smart, he couldn’t have gotten where he is without being so, but, he really just doesn’t have the ability to see real world ideas, he lives in a far left fantasy land.

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