Can Ron Paul Capture The Youth Vote?

Time wonders

Despite his age, there is an air of rock-and-roll around Paul. One supporter even flashed the rock-out-horns sign when asked on Thursday whether he was sold on the candidate: “Hell yeah for Ron Paul!” he said. “The message of liberty is really appealing to younger people,” says Richardson, a heavy-metal fan who got interested in politics through battles over music censorship. One can spot dreadlocks or “Paul is my homeboy” T-shirts in the crowd at his campaign events. American Idol pop star Kelly Clarkson recently endorsed Paul on Twitter.

It’s not just stylistic. Paul’s anti-establishment policies can be every bit as bewitching as his anti-establishment rhetoric. “I never thought I would see the day when it would be cool to be a libertarian on a college campus, but it is,” says Blake Whitten, a statistics professor who sponsors the group Youth for Ron Paul on the University of Iowa campus, where the student newspaper endorsed him this month. “We have all these kids running around with T-shirts that say ‘End the Fed,’ and a lot of them don’t completely understand what the Fed is.” When asked what piqued his interest in Paul, a 22-year-old Atlantic cook, who caucused with Democrats in 2008, cited “regaining value to the U.S. currency.”

So, basically the same know-nothings that swung to Obama, mouthing platitudes without any understanding of the surrounding issues, are swinging to Uncle Ron. Many of them love the legalizing drugs stance that Paul holds, obviously (just to be clear, I could care less if most recreational drugs were legalized, or at least left to the States). Basically, Paul is building a cult, much like Obama did.

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6 Responses to “Can Ron Paul Capture The Youth Vote?”

  1. david7134 says:

    I think the youth vote is frustrated with the same old same. Our government is stuck on stupid. They swung to Obama not realizing that Obama was a communist, after all he was not vetted by the media.

    As to Paul, as I have said before, he promises freedom. You site the drug issue. Do you realize that our drug policy is absolute tyranney? I have several friends who have been sent to jail for just practicing good medical care. Do you really see the sense in restricting people from getting medications that they need? Many countries don’t restrict their citizens and they have no problem. Do you understand that the money made from illegal drug sales funds gangs, terrorist and other bad guys? Do you know that many hospitals are filled with people who have had adverse reactions to bad, home made drugs? Do you know that many older individuals are turning to street drugs for their chronic pain because we limit what they can legally obtain? Then there is the fact that the drug laws do nothing to reduce addiction or alter the behavior of those that are intent on killing themselves.

    For every moral law that you can name, there is evidence that the law makes the situation worse and results in more harm.

    Lets do something different, lets do something for which our country was founded, lets get out of people lives and leave them alone.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Do you understand that the money made from illegal drug sales funds gangs, terrorist and other bad guys?

    And of course, the idea that gangs, terrorists and other bad guys will simply fade away if drugs are legalized is fantasy thinking.

    Then there is the fact that the drug laws do nothing to reduce addiction or alter the behavior of those that are intent on killing themselves.

    Those who wish to legalize drugs say this all the time. There is no evidence to support this contention at all. It is estimated that a majority of people do not try illicit drugs because they are illegal.

    Furthermore, the pro-legalization people like to cite Prohibition as a failed policy yet more people as a percentage are alcoholics now than during Prohibition. There is was less domestic violence during Prohibition than in the years prior to and following Prohibition.

    I agree that if someone wants to do drugs, that is fine with me. The problem is when their activity interferes with my rights.

    The National Highway Safety Administration estimates that 11% – 22% of all driving accidents are caused by drivers under the influence of drugs or drugs and alcohol.

    At least half of the individuals arrested for major crimes including homicide, theft, and assault were under the influence of illicit drugs around the time of their arrest.

    It is clear that this pro-legalization people think that if only drugs were made legal, people would stop having accidents, stop stealing, stop killing, etc when there is no evidence to support that contention whatsoever.

    Yet this is what you see from the Ron Paul crowd. This lack of logic and critical thinking is what they consider to be “superior” to the rest of us.

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  4. Word says:

    Well at least now I know for sure that David is a libertarian. When they begin defending the drug usage as their right….then you know.

    I believe the libertarian philosophy is personal self destruction by telling everyone to stay out of their lives and the progressive philosophy is moral self destruction so that government can become MORE involved in the lives of its citizens.

    Together the two groups make up about 50 percent of America.

    A couple years ago we tried the progressive approach and it has been a nightmare…..

    Now the libertarians are in full view offering their HOPEY DOPEY change we can believe in.

    and many of the people are buying it because ON THE SURFACE it sounds just grand…..

    Just like on the surface Obama’s hopey dopey message sounded just grand….

    Peel off the paint and the whole message becomes a train wreck…..

  5. david7134 says:

    The reason we are in the shape we are in today is because of progressivism. But the porgression started in the 1890’s with the religous people inserting moral aspects to rules, regulations and laws and thus micro managing our lives. Then came FDR and the communist. Paul is a refressing change that would hopefully take us back to the way our country was founded. We are so far removed from freedom that most don’t understnad what freedom is.

  6. gitarcarver says:

    Once again david shows a horrendous lack of knowledge in history. Most laws always have had a religious or moral aspect to them. English law is based, in part, on the Ten Commandments.

    Paul is the same type of “leader” Obama is. He is quick to say one thing, and then do another. He is against earmarks, but proposes and benefits from them. He is for term limits, but has served long past any term limit he would impose.

    Paul and his believer often cite “the Founding Fathers” in their arguments against military action, but forget the founding fathers had conscription and mandatory military service, something Paul is against. They also forget Washington led troops into the field in the Whiskey Rebellion, without a declaration of war and while suspending habeas corpus. There was no declaration of war in the “Quasi-War” between the US and the French, yet it was an armed conflict between the nations.

    So how do Paulbots answer these pesky facts? They don’t.

    They just rely on the idea that they awe smarter than everyone else and are hopper than everyone else. To them Paul is a rock star, which is what got Obama elected.

    Paul’s main support is not from conservatives, it is from the left.

    That should tell you something right there.

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