Exactly What Is RONPAUL’S Legislative Record?

About two weeks ago, I saved a link to Instapaper regarding Ron Paul’s actual legislative record, but never got around to writing a post. Now, little need, since the Washington Post now highlights how weak it is

The passage of H.R. 2121, in fall 2009, unfolded without drama. It allowed for the sale of a customhouse in Galveston, Tex.

The House debate took two minutes, and the vote took eight seconds. The ayes had it. But something historic was happening. On his 482nd try, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) had authored a bill that would become law.

Paul has become a surprising force in the Republican presidential race, promising to use “the bully pulpit of the presidency” to demand deep cutbacks across government.

But Paul has had only limited success using his current pulpit —a seat in Congress —to rally lawmakers behind his ideas. Of the 620 measures that Paul has sponsored, just four have made it to a vote on the House floor. Only that one has been signed into law.

One bill in all these years? Granted, Obama’s legislative record was even weaker, and conservatives blasted him on it. Yet, here we have Ron Paul with one of 620 passed. Obviously, his legislation is neither good nor popular.

As Prairie Weather points out

And that’s the sad truth about Ron Paul. He’s an idea guy, not a collaborator or a team player –both qualities being important in democracy. Ron Paul is not about democracy. Not a facilitator, he’s a one-man band. He’s all about, you know, Ron Paul.

Yet, he wants to be President. Why? Power, pure and simple.

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15 Responses to “Exactly What Is RONPAUL’S Legislative Record?”

  1. George Washington says:

    Mr. Paul’s record is Constitutional and American. He had to vote against so much illegal and uncontitutional garbage it is scarey.

    Mr. Paul respects his oath to the Constitution as all other is treason.

    Ron Paul 2012 Please
    Track Record and Substance OVER Flip Flopping Rhetoric
    Thank you.

  2. George Washington says:

    Mr. Paul want “Power, pure and simple?” You have just dicredited your entire aruguement with that citeless, untrue, drivel.

    Now is not the time for games Sir, shame on your for abandoning your journalistic integrity.

    I invite you to show 1 piece of evidence to support that comment about Mr. Paul and his power grab you claim.

    Ron Paul 2012 Please
    Track Record and Substance OVER Flip Flopping Rhetoric
    Thank you.

  3. proof says:

    I have often asked Paul’s followers to show me what kind of a leader he has been by pointing out which bills he has authored, over 20 plus years in the legislature, which actually became law… figuring if you couldn’t convince 217 of your closest colleagues to endorse your ideas, even when your party was in the majority, then you weren’t much of a leader.

    “Oh, yeah? Paul thinks there are too many un-Constitutional laws on the books already!”, was their comeback. (Overlooking, I guess, the other 481 failed attempts.)

    Fine. Point out so much as a single un-Constitutional law Paul has successfully gotten repealed?
    *crickets chirp*

    They must have missed this one! But at least it has the broad Constitutional sweep concerning…the sale of a single property in Galveston, Texas. That’s leadership, baby!

  4. Word says:

    Libertarians are anarchists.

    Progressives are communists.

    Democrats have lost their party to communists.

    Republicans are in danger of losing their party to anarchists.

    In short were Fucked! This nation will soon fall into disarray and anarchy and we will look very much like Greece.

    As someone once said “A little rebellion every 20-30 years is good for the country” Paraphrasing.

    Well lets see 1960’s-1970’s and now 2010’s. That would be about 40 years……were a bit late and the anger is even more heated.

  5. david7134 says:

    Your argument is that Paul will not compromise? That is why I vote for the guy. How do you compromise with a communistic agenda? If you are driving off a cliff, do you debate and compromise on what direction? Paul could not get a bill passed because he would not play the political game. That is called character. What do we have to chose from? We have Romney, he is a socialist and has passed legislation to prove his credentials. We have Newt, no one knows what he is, but his posting and support have been socialistic in nature and he loves big government. We have Perry, he is not right with the world and those I know in Texas can’t stand him. None of the others in the pack are worth mentioning as they have not risen to the top. Paul is the only person who is conservative, limited government who can say that he has been like that his whole life. Why not finding good things about him, which are plentiful, rather than knocking him constantly?

  6. Nice Deb says:

    You sure called it on the “loopy Ronulans”.

  7. Stix says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA What a legislative juggernaut Ron Paul is

  8. GW, you write “Track Record and Substance OVER Flip Flopping Rhetoric”. Well, what “track record”? He has no legislative accomplishments, despite being in Congress for over 20 years. Substance? Israeli hatred, racism, conspiracy theories, taking money from neo-Nazi’s, hanging with truthers, etc, that’s “substance?”

    Paul lives in his own little world, Proof, and it seems he is more interested in jamming his beliefs down our throats than leadership….seems kinda, you know, dictatorial, doesn’t it?

    You’re right, Word, we are. I wrote on Twitter the other day something to the effect of “just pass a clean tax extension. America’s economy is f*cked anyhow.” They just do not know when to stop paddling to follow Greece over the falls.

    You had a few fun ones over at your site, Deb. One can always count on the Ronulan mindless talking points.

    Paul is almost as useless as Obama regarding legislation. Sadly, at least Obama voted “present”, instead of sticking pork in bills then voting against those bills so as to say he never votes for pork.

  9. Stix says:

    Bravo Captain

    Ron Paul has done nothing but bloviate weird conspiracy theories and has led nothing but the tin foil hat brigade over the edge to insanity.

  10. gitarcarver says:

    Paul is almost as useless as Obama regarding legislation. Sadly, at least Obama voted “present”, instead of sticking pork in bills then voting against those bills so as to say he never votes for pork.

    This is really one of the sticking points on Paul for me.

    It is a calculated tactic to appear to be one thing when in fact he is doing another. It is a gutless stunt to put earmarks and pork into a bill and then not vote for them, allowing everyone else to take the blame for your actions.

  11. Yeah, but, remember GT, Paul is the ONLY PERSON WHO CAN SAVE AMERICA!!!!!11!!! or something like that because he’s read the Constitution, but, never really done a damned thing. It’s kinda like when Hillary said Obama gave a speech about Iraq, but never did anything else. Paul talks a lot, but, never truly does anything.

  12. Bob says:

    … and congress has what, maybe a 12% approval rating. Maybe, if there was something worth a dam put forth by his “distinguished” colleagues or THEY voted with HIM, that 12% would be a little higher. Maybe we’d be a trillion or 15 less in debt.

  13. And what, exactly, has Paul done on those issues, Bob, other than whining?

  14. david7134 says:

    Romney is now on board for socialized medical care. Newt is as well. So who are you guys going to vote for?

  15. gitarcarver says:

    Romney is now on board for socialized medical care. Newt is as well.

    Of course, this isn’t true, but truth takes a back seat with Paul supporters.

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