Warmist Attenborough: We Must Fix The Climate, Regardless Of Causes

When it comes to nature programs, I respect the heck out of Sir David Attenborough. His programs are generally in the Awesome! category, particularly Blue Planet – Seas Of Life. But, like so many, he is a true member of the Church Of Gore. He also likes running around the world taking unnecessary fossil fueled flights to exotic places to make his films (and boat and SUV rides) to tell us to be carbon neutral. Also

(Bloomberg interviews Attenborough) Q: What would you say to the still sizeable body of skeptics who doubt global warming is man made?

A: It would seem to me that it would be absolutely extraordinary if the most numerous and powerful species that the planet has ever seen didn’t have an effect on the climate. It would be absolutely amazing. But whether we did or whether we didn’t is neither here nor there, when we know we’re faced with the problem of increasing temperatures and climate change. No one can deny that the climate is changing – it IS changing. And if we do nothing, it’ll be changing with increasing speed.

Got that? Whether or not mankind is behind the changing climate, we need to Do Something. Attenborough believes in same far left Statism that most of the left believes in, part of which belief is that Government Is the Answer. These same statists can’t do more than talk about fixing their own countries economies, yet, they think they can stop world wide changes in climate? They can’t get a train line built on time or budget, yet, they think they can stop world wide changes in climate? They can’t fix (insert pet cause here) beyond some sort of an “awareness” campaign, yet, they think they can stop world wide changes in climate? These people really need to be isolated to adult society.

(via Tom Nelson)

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