Climate Realist Inhofe To Debate Warmist Markey

This should be fun

(Tulsa World) U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe’s declaration of victory on global warming last week drew a debate challenge for the Oklahoma Republican, who described himself as the only official still talking about the contentious issue.

“Clearly you are a man of your convictions,” veteran activist Ralph Nader stated in a letter to Inhofe, referring to the senator’s now-famous description of man-made global warming as a hoax.

“So, what about your first real public debate with a fellow member of Congress on this topic with mutually agreed upon moderator and rules at a mutually convenient time and place, preferably on Capitol Hill.”

That other member of Congress: veteran Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., a leading voice in the House on environmental issues.

Inhofe quickly accepted the challenge.

Of course, some Warmists are not happy about this

I am really not sure that this is a good thing.

Not that I’m worried about Markey holding his own. I’m worried about the message this sends about the nature of how science approaches truth. Any debate between politicians reinforces the idea that the parts of the matter that are objective should be dealt with by political means.

What they are scared of is that the so-called “global warming science” will be exposed for the sham and scam it is. That’s why the majority of Warmists, like Al Gore, refuse to debate. And since most of the “climate scientists” who are believers refuse to debate those who are Realists, it’s up to people like Inhofe and Markey to do it. Which also makes sense, since the Warmists are pushing political solutions.

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9 Responses to “Climate Realist Inhofe To Debate Warmist Markey”

  1. Adobe Walls says:

    The problem is that the warmists think that they have found “truth” which of course trumps everyone else’s “truth”.
    The problem is that science isn’t supposed to be looking for truth it’s supposed to be looking for facts. This is just another example of the left trying to create the rule of the “Experts”. Of course they get to select the experts.
    Some institutionalization will be required.

  2. Well, remember, these are people who think consensus = science

  3. Ken E. says:

    The global warmist dirty laundry will out in the open….and should be when junk science is used for politicial purposes…its just money and control and wealth re-distrabution…climate change/warming is the shill for this..//

  4. Toby says:

    Climate scientists refuse to debate climate science deniers for the same reason evolutionary biologists and palaeontologists refuse to debate creationists. It gives a pseudo-respectability to the deniers that is not merited in any way. That the planet is warming due to CO2 emissions is a key empirically proven fact, and to debate about it is like debated the shape of the earth with a flat-earther.

    Politicians can do as they please. Imhofe is a sleazy, greasy shill up to his neck in fossil fuel funding. Is he really the best climate deniers can do?

  5. Word says:

    The AGW debate reminds me of the old Miller Lite Commercials where two groups of ex athletes are yelling at each other……..

    Tastes Great!!

    Less Filling!!

    Well in the AGW debate its:

    Its Hot!!

    Its Not!!

    • Adobe Walls says:

      Yeah, but at least some of the Miller-Lite commercials had hot women in them, the Globull Warming commercials have Al Gore.

  6. al says:

    Here are some facts ye mates should consider:
    1)PETM produced heating of 0.025 C per 100 years while present rate is 10-100 times that.
    2) Fauna migrated and evolved during Eocene which was marked by drought.
    3) Volcanic emissions today contribute about 0.2 10^9 tons while last year we humans contributed 35 10^9 tons of CO2.
    4) TX burned up last year / Russia the year before
    5) 30 million children starved in Somalia this summer
    6) Huge tracts of permafrost are melting
    7) Methane off the coast of Siberia bubbling to surface.
    8) Crop yield decrease by 10% for each 1 C of additional heating over season. Best temp for growth is 70 F
    9) 2007 lowest Arctic ice cover ever recorded
    10) 2010 hottest La Nina year ever recorded
    11) Changes in Hadley cell and jet stream have been observed and are probably permanent.
    12) Snow only 10% in Sierras and may set an all time record low……skiers pissed off! But this is trend over last few decades.
    13) Foram populations decimated over these past few years, pteropods dieing, and ocean acidification taking place.
    14) It is clear that positive forcers have been underestimated by climatologists. Prediction: Desertification of west will extend into central part of country. 30% of calories produced there so food security will be jeopardized if warming continues. Expect food riots and collapse of econonmy in perhaps 5-10 years. War to follow….same old story.
    Ye be fools to ignore the signs.

  7. Know what you’re missing? Any real proof that the current warming is anthropogenic.

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