Don’t Get Sick In England On The Weekends (The Future Of Obamacare?)

I’ve never really understood the Leftist fetish with government being in charge of health care. Perhaps, as some have suggested, it’s simply the Leftists way of avoiding making tough decisions for themselves. Perhaps it is their longing for a big fascistic government (for everyone else). Who knows what goes on inside the head of a leftist. Even they probably do no know (because no one told them)

(UK Telegraph) The annual hospital guide published by Dr Foster Intelligence using official figures shows that one in eight trusts has higher than expected death rates on Saturdays and Sundays, suggesting they are only working to a five-day week.

Many hospitals have far fewer senior consultants on site outside of normal office hours, the data show, and rely on junior doctors and nurses to treat critically ill patients.

In a handful of trusts, the mortality rate rises by 20 per cent or more between weekdays and weekends.

When you pay highly skilled workers, who spent enormous time learning their practice, putting themselves in huge debt, like every other worker, they will work regular hours. When it is government mandating business practices, things go wrong. When it is government in charge, you end up with rationing and other stupid practices. And people die, not just from incompetence, but simple government bureaucracies.

Welcome to the future of Obamacare.

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3 Responses to “Don’t Get Sick In England On The Weekends (The Future Of Obamacare?)”

  1. Word says:

    The super nanny state that is now telling us what to feed our children and dictating to school districts around the country what they can and cannot eat and drink now finds that the SUPER NANNY AMERICAN PROGRESSIVE in the White House saw their law upheld by one of the circuit courts as………


    Stand alone legislation even if the individual mandate is struck down.

    Meaning that the Supreme court could rule that ObamaSCARE is constitutional but the individual mandate is not…meaning the law stands but the mandate falls.

    The super nanny state is in full race mode down the hill towards a cliff of jagged rocks with few obstacles in the way to prevent the plunge.

    The super nanny state is almost upon us……and we as a nation will collapse under it in just a few short years…..

    Save your money….pay off your bills…secure your future……….


    for look at Europe collapsing under its socialist burden…look at Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland……

    Then look at the super nanny state of America…….there we are…just a few short years from being JUST LIKE THEM.

    ObamaSCARE is the antichrist of Capitalism….it will destroy our nation if allowed to stand…..pure and simple.

    And the MAIN STREAM MEDIA Shouted AMEN and they congratulate their communist bretheren graduating from more commie indoctrinated journalism schools…..

    praise Obama.

  2. david7134 says:

    It has been said that the hardest working person is a doctor who is independent. The opposite is also true. If you take a doctor and put him on salary, you have one of the biggest bums in the world. They shut down. I have seen this over and over. Now, most people have no idea what socialized medical care is. They think that it would be similar to what we have now. That is not true at all. The whole thing become rationing at every level. Testing is set up so that you would likely die before you can obtain the test and treatment you need. Thus the state does not have to pay. The medical personel have no incentive to be nice and the do take the opportunity to be as unplesant as possible. I have worked in both systems and can assure you that the government makes everything much worse in every way.

    Now we do have a problem. Medical care cost far too much. The reason is government interference. How do we correct this? GEt the governemt out, completely. No rules, regulation or payment. Also, eliminate our drug laws and let people have the freedom of self care. You really don’t need a doctor for most things. Then reduce the number of doctors. Increasing the number of doctors increases the overall cost.

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