Occupiers: “Hey, Where Are The Women?”

Tina Dupuy over at The Atlantic notices something funny

During the very first week of the Occupation in LA I noticed that the gender breakdown in its General Assembly (GA) and various committee meetings was roughly the same as the within the U.S. Congress. In other words, about one-fifth of those who were participating in the (small d) democratic part of this Occupy encampment were women. It was the same with the people who slept in the camp.

I feel no need to give my two cents on why after reading this perfect breakdown my R.S. McCain

There are probably women who aren’t bothered much by poor hygiene, and there may be women who aren’t bothered by a lack of toilet and bathing facilities. But I think you’ll have a hard time finding women who aren’t bothered by the kind of bad stuff that happens to women when they’re constantly surrounded by a bunch of scummy, predatory cop-haters: Rape, sexual assault, sexual assault, rape, sexual assault, indecent exposure, sexual assault, gang rape . . . You get the picture.

Then McCain discusses the whole “Occupiers tend to be fringe and do not like following the law” which makes it rather dangerous for women to be around these nutballs. Read the whole thing.

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