Mostly Peaceful Bay Area Occupiers “Aren’t Going Down Without A Fight”

So, a few “targets” on a political map are “violent”, “hateful”, and “uncivil,” despite there being no follow-up violence from the Conservative side. But, threats of violence and actual violence are “mostly peaceful”

(SF Gate) San Francisco and Oakland authorities moved to take greater control of the Occupy protests Sunday, raiding an offshoot of the San Francisco encampment and clearing a new camp in a vacant lot in Oakland.

In San Francisco, protesters at Justin Herman Plaza responded by temporarily shutting down Market Street on Sunday evening, rallying raucously and listening to speeches by progressive politicians pledging their support.


Once the protesters reached the Federal Reserve on Sunday, they began dismantling the metal barriers around the building and throwing them into the street. The protest moved from the sidewalk into the middle of Market Street, and more than two dozen police in riot gear quickly arrived to stop traffic beginning at Drumm Street.


For the next several hours, protesters sang songs and chanted “Whose streets? Our streets!” Several elected officials addressed the crowd, including San Francisco Supervisors Eric Mar and David Campos and Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco.

I thought the streets belonged to everyone. Like every progressive, they feel entitled to take from others.

Prince Jerrick Falling-Darling, who moved from the cleared camp to Justin Herman after the raid, said the Justin Herman campers would be more resistant to police efforts to disrupt it than his group had been.

“This group is a lot rowdier than ours,” he said. “This one isn’t going down without a fight.”

Remember, don’t say they aren’t peaceful, because they might poop on your car.

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