College Grads Moving Back Home Damages Trickle Down Economics

(A little bit of serendipity. I wrote this one earlier in the morning, and just heard Rush talking about it as I was headed home from the gym.)

And, if you are a woman, you are in big trouble, because you aren’t buying all sorts of womanly stuff

(NY Times) Like most of her friends, Hollis Romanelli graduated from college last May and promptly moved back in with her parents.

As a result, she didn’t pay rent — or a broker’s fee or renters’ insurance, for that matter. She also didn’t buy a bed, desk, couch, doormat, mop or new crockery set. Nor did she pay the cable company to send a worker to set up her TV and Internet, or a handyman to hang a newly framed diploma. She didn’t even buy drinks and snacks for a housewarming party.

Because we all know that a woman’s place is mopping the floor and cooking a meal, says a Big Liberal woman at the Fish Wrap. But, the one that should be most insulting to women is the part about hiring a “handyman to hang a newly framed diploma.” Is the Times saying that women are weak and incapable of hanging a diploma themselves? Rather sexist, don’t you think?

In other words, Ms. Romanelli, 22, saved a lot of money. But she deprived the economy of a lot of potential activity, too. (snip)

By not paying rent, of course, he has deprived a local landlord and a host of other local companies of some income, as well as whatever businesses those purveyors might have patronized further down the line. It’s a phenomenon that John Maynard Keynes referred to as the “paradox of thrift”: Saving is good for the individual, but en masse can hurt the economy by reducing demand.

Well, the last person that should be mentioned in this article is Keynes, because the article pretty much highlights a trickle down economy. People making money by working for people/companies with more money than themselves means money is going to spread out. Not working? Not making money? Living at home with the ‘rentals? Less money flowing around.

But, hey, young folks graduating from college with not jobs, no job prospects, and living back home, how’re you feeling about the hopey changey era and your votes for Democrats now?

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