Whoops! PC Linked To Billboard Shows P0rn

This Should Make People Think Twice About Using A Work PC To Look At P0rn. Of, course, they probably shouldn’t have had to think very hard to say to themselves “this is a Bad Idea

Pedestrians of Oubei Town (瓯北镇) in the city of Wenzhou got an eyeful on Wednesday, when a large LED billboard located at the busiest intersection in town played a pornographic video for a full ten minutes.

Beginning at roughly 9pm, passersby began to notice something was amiss when they noticed the billboard, which normally sells cars, acting particularly raunchy. As the video continued its saucy spectacle, a large crowd of people (luckily no children) gathered in the intersection to watch, have a laugh, and record the evidence using their cellphones for, uhh, later research.

While we secretly hoped the stunt was akin to Andy Dufresne’s playing The Marriage of Figaro in Shawshank Redemption, it turns out the “culprit” was just a lonely office worker who didn’t realize the computer he was using for his private time was linked to the massive billboard outside.

He was subsequently charged with disturbing the peace and being a dumbass.

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