HuffPo: God’s Wrath Caused Virginia Earthquake Because Of Climate Change

Apparently, because God is apparently pissed off at Obama, says unhinged poet and activist Rose Marie Berger

Having spent some time with the Lord recently, I feel there is a message for President Obama: It is God’s wrath that shook the White House today. This was a 5.8 wake-up call.

Why is God all wrought up this time? What is it that God wants President Obama to do? Well, my friends, the issue is climate change. Global warming. Specifically, the Keystone XL “Dirty Oil” pipeline.

God is very disappointed with humanity for leaving the gas on in our home planet. it’s dangerous, wasteful, and wrong. God takes it a little personally.

I’m really hoping this is some sort of satire, based on Pat Roberton’s little rant about God’s wrath for Katrina, which is mentioned in the first few paragraphs preceding the above excerpt.

On August 29, many people of faith — who fervently believe that God has a much better energy plan for us than the TransCanada oil company — will go to the White House to bring God’s word straight to President Obama’s doorstep.

If God didn’t want us to have oil, he wouldn’t have, depending on your POV, put it there or allowed the dinosaurs to go extinct and provide light, sweet crude.

In case this historic commitment to save humanity and restore the health of the planet has slipped low on the president’s “to do” list, today God sent a 5.8 temblor as a reminder. The quake was so strong it rang the bells of the Washington National Cathedral.

President Obama, can you hear God now?

Yeah, Obama’s former pastor of 20 years said “God damn America.” Of course, come to think of it, the whole anthropogenic global warming issue is satire of science.

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3 Responses to “HuffPo: God’s Wrath Caused Virginia Earthquake Because Of Climate Change”

  1. Adobe Walls says:

    These people are certifiable.

  2. mojo says:

    Honey, that ain’t God talkin’, that’s just you talkin’ to yourself. Try and learn the difference if you want to be a “person of faith”, huh?

  3. Karl says:

    The quake was caused by too many liberals in the DC area, the continent was trying to capsize just like Guam would if we put too many Marines there.

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