HuffPo: Before 2011, Weather Never Happened

I’ve been reading and studying the whole anthropogenic global warming issue for over 20 years, and this seems like something that would have been written back in 1995. Alarmists keep regurgitating the same old tired talking points

You can say this for 2011: There’s never been a year quite like it.

Dangerous summer heat waves scorched the Midwest and East with record-high temperatures, causing at least 64 deaths. An unprecedented drought in Texas forced the government to declare the entire state a natural disaster area. Intense rainfall and snowmelt caused record flooding of the Mississippi River across the Midwest and South. Sea level is rising faster along the East Coast than it has for at least 2,000 years. Arctic sea ice fell to the lowest extent on record in July, with virtually no ice found off Alaska.

All this follows a slew of other climate-change related disasters (floods, blizzards, tornadoes) that have cost hundreds of lives, caused billions of dollars in damage and left some wondering: What’s going on?

Weather never happened before someone used a lot of energy to publish an Internet site like the Huffington Post.

The unmistakable answer is clear: Climate change is no longer an abstract problem; climate change is here now; its effects are spinning out every single day across the planet. The impacts are wide-ranging, and increasingly they’re intruding upon all aspects of our lives — from increasing extreme weather events to rising sea levels that threaten densely populated coasts to the increasing instability of food and water supplies to our suffering health. According to the World Health Organization, hundreds of thousands of people are already dying from climate-related deaths each year.

Oh, noes, it’s here. Now. Right now. Prior to whatever point in time the Warmists point to at this time, the climate of the Earth was completely stable.

As the daily toll of climate change mounts, it’s time to embrace the reality that the United States can wait no longer for meaningful action. Climate change is happening now, we are causing it, and the costs of inaction — to us, to plants and animals, to the physical world that we depend on — are too steep to ignore and pass to the coming generations.

In other words, the writer, Kassie Siegel, is recommending that….Someone Else be forced to do something. Perhaps if the True Believers would practice what they preach, their pet cult wouldn’t be losing disciples. Seemed kinda deja vu to write that, too.

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3 Responses to “HuffPo: Before 2011, Weather Never Happened”

  1. Stix says:

    Good Lord. Weather happens. It gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It is called seasons.

    And back in the 90s a few thousand died in Chicago from the heat.

  2. Word says:

    The summer of 1980 wasn’t all misery. Sure, Dallas saw triple-digit temperatures for 69 days. And the high reached a record 113 degrees twice in June…….I was there….I bought a T-shirt.


    The Great Mississippi and Missouri Rivers Flood of 1993 (or “Great Flood of 1993”) occurred in the American Midwest, along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and their tributaries, from April to October 1993. The flood was among the most costly and devastating to ever occur in the United States, with $15 billion in


    If you think this heat wave is bad (and it is!), check out this 1911 New York Tribune article, “Heat’s Scythe Mows Down 56 On Fifth Day” about a deadly summer hot spell……And according to the History Channel, by July 13th, when the rain came and the heat finally subsided, the death toll had reached 211.


    The summer of 1930 made headlines due to unprecedented heat and drought that caused disastrous crop failures throughout the United States. The summer of 1930 ushered in the “Dust Bowl” era of unusually hot, dry summers that plagued the U.S. during much of the 1930s.


    to look at the adjusted cost of hurricane strikes in the USA since 1900….pretty much standard across the board in adjusted dollars.


    Should I go on. Climate changes…..constantly and their is little evidence that the globe is warming at CATASTROPHIC RATES…..the Average rise in temperature of the planet since 1850 is 3/10ths of one degree C….or not quite 1 degree F.

    AGW is nothing but scare mongering to get grant money and redistribute wealth.


  3. Yeah, but, but, you guys must be on the payroll of Big Oil. Deniers!

    Its those kinds of articles that highlight that it isn’t about science, but politics. Warmists don’t care about science

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