Climate Change Could Wipe Out Native Wisconsin Fish

One must love how everything is blamed on the climate change hoax, even when the actual real causes are included in the same article

The cisco, a key forage fish found in Wisconsin’s deepest and coldest bodies of water, could become a climate change casualty and disappear from most of the Wisconsin lakes it now inhabits by the year 2100, according to a new study.

Hey, could you tell us what will happen to it over the next few years? Since you folks are such super duper experts, you should be able to tell us, right? Also, there’s that super scientific word “could” again.

In a report published online in the journal Public Library of Science One, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources project a gloomy fate for the fish — an important food for many of Wisconsin’s iconic game species — as climate warms and pressure from invasive species grows.

See? It’s climate change…..wait, invasive species?

In the case of the cisco, a warming climate poses a much greater risk than do exotic species such as the rainbow smelt, the invasive that most threatens the deep-dwelling cisco by eating its eggs and young, the Wisconsin researchers say.

The cisco, sometimes called lake herring, is now found in about 170 inland lakes in Wisconsin. A member of the trout and salmon family, it is also found in the Great Lakes and once formed the basis of an important commercial fishery before overfishing and the invasion of the alewife, rainbow smelt and sea lamprey caused its populations to diminish dramatically.’

Invasive species eating their eggs, overfishing, pollution, they mean nothing. The real cause is how the stupid fish can’t adapt to a prophesied water temperature rise during this warm period, even though it survived every other warm period over the last 7,000 years. Ever notice how rationality, and the deep belief in Darwinism, flies out the window with climate alarmists?

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One Response to “Climate Change Could Wipe Out Native Wisconsin Fish”

  1. captainfish says:

    I have a degree in Fisheries from UW… and this makes me cry. It is so inept and clearly politicized that I would be filing suit were I an undergrad or grad student tied to this project.

    I wonder how the lake herring got there to begin with? Did they push out a previous native species?

    And since over-fishing plays no part in any fish species stock numbers, then why prevent fishermen from catching all they can?

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