EPA Pays American Lung Association To Run Pro-EPA Globull Warming Ads

Globalwarming.org calls this “another sleazy green TV ad“. Y’all have seen this ad, right?

Obviously, they are pushing the climate change hoax version, where the EPA is just trying to stop evil pollutant CO2. But, as Globalwarming,org points out

The American Lung Association’s tasteless new television ad campaign, which I’ve posted at the end of this blog. Here’s how the ALA described the spot in a press release:

The ad…features a red baby carriage with sounds of a child suffering respiratory distress that are heard while the red carriage is seen in front of iconic D.C. landmarks including the Washington Monument and the U.S. Capitol. The voiceover of the ad states the following: “Congress can’t ignore the facts. More pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. Log on to LungUSA.org and tell Washington: Don’t weaken the Clean Air Act.”

There are several problems with this campaign. For starters, the American Lung Association suffers from a huge conflict of interest. The point of the ad is to protect the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate under the Clean Air Act. Left unmentioned by the narrator is the fact that the EPA is a major funder of the ALA, having delivered more than $20 million over the last ten years. As my colleague Myron Ebell noted, “So the EPA pays the American Lung Association, which in turn lobbies against a bill that would rein in EPA.” Many Americans labor under the misapprehension that the ALA is staffed by disinterested MDs in white coats; in fact, it employs partisan shills.

Yet more political payback and fake science.

Via C3 Headlines and Tom Nelson

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One Response to “EPA Pays American Lung Association To Run Pro-EPA Globull Warming Ads”

  1. captainfish says:

    Wait a minute. It says nothing to me of national air pollution of which the EPA should busy itself, or the stank of DC communists are causing children to cough and die which the ALA are fighting against.

    Nope, this says none of that to me. All this tells me is that Washington DC is one polluted city in need of massive cleanup.

    Want to save money? Quit allowing federal agencies to fund NGOs. That’s favoritism and does not treat everyone equal. I should get some of that money if they are going to pass out money to non-feds.

    End all subsidies, end all NGO funding, end all foreign aid, end all tax loopholes, end the unfair tax discrimination, end the EPA, IRS, DOE, DOC, DOE, NIH, etc. That will save some money. Its a good place to start at least.

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