The Atlantic Attempts To Smear Michele Bachmann Through Her Church

I’m so glad they can take on this issue, after being dragged in kicking and screaming to the Jeremiah Wright controversy after Sean Hannity revealed it a year prior. Of course, all the writers at The Atlantic gave Obama a free pass after sitting for 20 years in the pews listening to an anti-American and racist/bigoted conspiracy nutjob: Michele Bachmann’s Church Says the Pope Is the Antichrist

Michele Bachmann is practically synonymous with political controversy, and if the 2008 presidential election is any guide, the conservative Lutheran church she belonged to for many years is likely to add another chapter due to the nature of its beliefs–such as its assertion, explained and footnoted on this website, that the Roman Catholic Pope is the Antichrist.

Bachmann was a longtime member of the Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Stillwater, Minn., which belongs to the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), a council of churches founded in 1850 that today comprises about 400,000 people. WELS is the most conservative of the major Lutheran church organizations, known for its strict adherence to the writings of Martin Luther, the German theologian who broke with the Catholic Church and launched the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. This includes endorsing Luther’s statements about the papacy. From the WELS “Doctrinal Statement on the Antichrist“:

Well, now, that sounds really bad, but, then, media outlets like The Atlantic hate organized religion in the first place. Let’s read what Matthew Yglesias has to say

By the same token, we don’t assume that a politician who goes to mass wants to ban birth control nor do we ask Catholics who favored preventive war with Iraq to repudiate the Pope in order to prove their hawk bona fides. In short, we generally assume that a politician’s stated political views express his or her position on political topics, and that affiliating with a religious congregation does not constitute an endorsement of everything the leaders of that congregation have ever said.

Liberals must hate when people understand how to search their own sites, as that was Matt giving Obama a free pass over Wright. And then there is Andrew Sullivan, while he was still at The Atlantic, before he got his degree in Uterus Investigation

Of course, if people really think that someone shouldn’t be elected because of some bigoted statements from the pulpit of his church or his congregation, and his continuing to be a part of that church, that’s their right in a democracy. If people want to believe that Obama has been deceiving the entire world in everything he has ever said for twenty years and is, in fact, a Christian version of Louis Farrakhan, then that’s their right in a democracy. But the evidence we have doesn’t only not support it; it rebuts it. If our democracy cannot handle that empirical evidence and prefers to engage in mind and soul-reading of the most paranoid kind, then it is in a much direr state than we imagine.

In fact, there are many other writings at The Atlantic who take the position of “well, Obama was there, but, that doesn’t mean he agrees with Wright, so, we should give him a pass because he’s so cute and fuzzy and rides a unicorn.” Also, they attempted to create a controversy for Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton through their churches.

All the liberals in the media will push for any minute tidbit to assault Republicans. Perhaps it is time to hoist them on their own petard, and report them to the FEC as giving “in-kind” contributions.

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4 Responses to “The Atlantic Attempts To Smear Michele Bachmann Through Her Church”

  1. Black Flag says:

    The person the Atlantic is attacking is guilty of going to church.
    The person the Atlantic is defending has, in three years, given us:

- $14 trillion deficit
    – ruined economy
- ignores the War Powers Act
    – gas/food/clothing prices skyrocketing
    – 5 wars, one with a record death toll
    – foreign policy disasters

    – raiding the public pension fund to avoid the debt ceiling

    – lost 800+ seats for his own party
- poll numbers in the toilet
- 44 million Americans on food stamps

    – 1 in 4 mortgages under water
- ATF gunrunning scandal unfolding

  2. Word says:

    Yglesias and Sullivan are clowns.

    They are Alinsky smear machines.

    They remind of the two girls lower on this page wrestling in the mud. Thats where they reside. IN the mud…slinging it, forming it, molding it and tossing it.

    Daily. Without respite. Without aim but with a purpose.

    For everyone in Alinskies world knows that if they sling enough mud some of its bound to stick.

    Just ask Nancy Pelosi who promised to clean up the swamp. It finally took the 2010 elections to do her job as she was neck deep in the swamp herself giggling everytime the mud went flying.

    Alinsky clowns….all of them…..and this time around the Right I believe will be much more prepared for the alinsky treatment of their candidates.

    and that is my word of the day.

  3. david7134 says:

    I am as uneasy with religion in politics as I am with Obama and his communist crowd. Both seem to only want to tell us what to do and make more rules and regulations.

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