Spotted Owl Must Be Saved….From Climate Change (Hoax)

Hey, it’s a spotted owl sighting!

It has been two decades since the fate of a bashful bird that most people had never seen came to symbolize the bitter divide over whether to save or saw down the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest. Yet it was not until Thursday that the federal government offered its final plan to prevent the bird, the northern spotted owl, from going extinct.

After repeated revisions, constant court fights and shifting science, the Fish and Wildlife Service presented a plan that addresses a range of threats to the owl, including some that few imagined when it was listed as a threatened species in 1990.

The newer threats include climate change and the arrival of a formidable feathered competitor, the barred owl, in the soaring old-growth evergreens of Washington, Oregon and California where spotted owls nest and hunt.

Hey, adapt and evolve. I thought Liberals loved Evolution? Anyhow, one plan to help save the Spotted Owl? Shoot hundreds of barred owls……wait, what?

Elsewhere, someone is really excited about the prospect of creating a Cowgaroo. Because cows are destroying the Earth. Aren’t liberals usually against genetic modification?

And from the cleaning out the saved but never posted posts, cuddly koala’s face a danger from climate change and chlamydia. But, mostly chlamydia and urban blight…hey, liberals have been pushing cities as awesome as of late.

Also, the duck billed platypus may be in danger form globull warming. Sheesh, how did it survive through the much warmer periods over the last 7,000 years?

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5 Responses to “Spotted Owl Must Be Saved….From Climate Change (Hoax)”

  1. mojo says:

    Yeah, it’s like the Grey Squirrel “invasion” in England. The Red Squirrels are losing, because the Greys are simply better at being squirrels.

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  4. captainfish says:

    mojo, is that a racist remark against the Irish and muslims?

    teehehe.. just kidding. but…….

    But, I am surprised the platypus has survived this long. Its a bastardization of early man’s genetic engineering through geo-engineered manipulations.

    Oh, and hey…. regarding that spotted owl stuff…. ummm.. yeah…. the tree cutters have been happily cutting down trees ever since the hippies left there 20 years ago.

    And you know what…. the tree cutters have been planting more trees than they cut down. Wait, that doesn’t make sense? They are actually rebuilding the forest? Could it be to … gulp.. maintain their stock? You mean its not in their interest to destroy and completely clear cut a forest?!1 wow.

    But, I wonder how an old growth forest ever got started in the first place?1!

    AS a side note (sorry for long post) read an article in crunchgear on the Nissan Leaf. Guy who said he was a hater now loved it. While it only cost him $6 a week to charge, he did get 90 miles out of a charge. Course, he drove only 20 miles an hour with absolutely no extra electric usage and only around his city. He for some reason never bothered to test what it would do when temps were 110 or -10 and you needed all that extra electrons for the climate controls. He also mentioned that his home, as wired, was incapable of charging his Leaf. He had to jerry-rig his house. And it took him 8 hours to charge so he could go that 90 miles.

  5. Well, that’s the point with those vehicles: keep people from traveling except on government approved trains.

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