Obama Targets Jihadi “Suspects”

I’ll be honest, I don’t have any problem with this

Usama bin Laden has been killed. The U.S. is poised to begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. And the Obama administration’s shift in counterterrorism strategy from land wars to precision strikes and raids is raising concerns that the White House has adopted a policy of targeting killings for terror suspects.

With no new detainees at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay since March 2008, a top military commander told Congress recently that there is no clear policy for dealing with suspected terrorist leaders who are captured overseas.

In many cases, the suspects are taken to a ship offshore until a decision is approved by the White House.

Personally, I like this policy of targeted killings of jihadi suspects, as I have written before. While the War on Terrorism does have some law enforcement components to it, hey, they’re Islamists, and this us war.

I’ll give Obama kudos for doing this. Bush, or a President McCain, wouldn’t have been able to get away with it. I’m waiting for the usual Suspects who slurred Bush for doing less to slam Obama. Won’t hold my breathe, though.

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2 Responses to “Obama Targets Jihadi “Suspects””

  1. captainfish says:

    I still believe that they had better get their ducks in a row first. They had better have strong factual evidence to show that said suspect WAS and IS involved in a terrorist organization or act – as related to the WAR ON TERROR.

    Because, she there ever be some kind of review, you don’t want your ass hanging out.

    But, I agree as well. But, it is dangerous and walks a line. For me, I find it somewhat similar to red-light cameras. I hate them and I find them unconstitutional because you never see a COP nor can you face a cop on trial? In this, you never get a chance to defend yourself against a drone.

    Oh, I know. This is war. But in a war, we have boots on the ground and we have thousands of missiles and rockets flying. They are part of a larger effort in a formal war. If all you are going to do is fly a drone over and blow up a house then fly back, to me, that is … touchy.

    At what point can you declare someone “bad” and then just send a drone after them?

  2. True, there has to be some evidence, rather than “hey, they look like a jihadi.”

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