Energy Saving Just Got Erotic (?)

But what if it was Al Gore’s Current TV? From The Guardian

Friends of the Earth and Nuts magazine – an unlikely alliance. The catalyst is FoE’s “sexy” YouTube ad featuring amorous couple Chloe and Will. Chloe has accepted a late-night coffee at Will’s flat – as long as he doesn’t overfill the kettle. She suspects he left the heating on while he was out, but he bluffs, claiming the warmth is due to cavity wall insulation. All is going well and Chloe is down to her underwear when she spots the TV is on standby. Cue premature end to the night. So bad it’s brilliant.

It gets better at FotE

Our steamy new video was inspired by the US President’s excitement over home insulation.

That’s, um, disturbing

If everyone was this turned on by energy efficiency, our homes would be a lot warmer and cheaper to heat.

Personally, I’m turned on by sexy women, not turning my TV off. How ’bout you?

Stopping our homes leaking heat is one of the fastest and easiest ways to fight dangerous climate change.

But it won’t happen by itself.

Of course not. So, obviously, the answer is for all the True Believers to go out and buy energy effiecient appliances, turn off and unplug ones not being used, get better insulation, ….. oh, wait

Friends of the Earth is calling for the Government to lead a nationwide refit of the UK’s coldest homes.

In other words, they want to Government to mandate compliance of….wait, coldest?

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3 Responses to “Energy Saving Just Got Erotic (?)”

  1. captainfish says:

    “Stopping our homes leaking heat is one of the fastest and easiest ways…”

    ummm… have these people ever owned a home? It is not cheap to re-insulate the home, replace the window (at the most), re-caulk all the windows inside and out (at the least), re-caulk all the holes on the outside of the building, re-insulate the walls with blow-in insulation, re-insulate the roof with styrofoam inserts, re-weather-strip all your outside doors…. etc.

    That aint cheap folks!!!! Esp if a typical home owner only stays in their home for 7 years.

    And, from what I recall, the fastest way to warm up a home is through constant and heavy sex. It has been a while so the thermoptics may have changed.

  2. mojo says:

    Guy needs to have his PBH detector checked…

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