For Climate Change, We Must Align (Individual) Choices

You must change your lifestyle by government decree

A new “politics driven” diplomatic approach is required to tackle global warming, the Foreign Office’s special representative for climate change said yesterday.

Speaking to a packed audience at Chatham House, John Ashton described climate change as a “ticking clock”, arguing for binding international agreements to cut emissions and keep world temperatures below two degrees centigrade.

“Only a binding regime can create a force field strong enough to align those countless [individual] choices, and convince those whose capital allocation decisions shape the economy that governments are serious,” he said.

Mr Ashton – who first worked for the Foreign Office in 1978 and was appointed as special representative for climate change by the Labour government in 2006 – highlighted the importance of diplomacy in creating an environment where binding agreements could be realised.

“We must establish the political conditions necessary to support the climate treaty we need,” he said.

“We need to make the low carbon economy feel more like an opportunity, climate risk feel more threatening; a binding treaty feel more necessary and achievable.”

How many times have I written that globull warming, ne climate change, is not about science, but about control?

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2 Responses to “For Climate Change, We Must Align (Individual) Choices”

  1. Rob in Katy says:

    A buddy turned me on to this about 11 years ago when I was bitching about something not making sense…he said it did if you looked at it as a way for them to control your options, limit your movement (no more voting with your feet and leaving a state) and lock you in place where they can nickel and dime you to death… I started buying guns and bullets then 🙂

  2. That’s what it’s all about, control, nothing else

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