AGW Today – High Tides, Maple Syrup, And Tomatoes, Oh My

Sea rise is so dangerous, and so prevalent, that the climate morons have to…….fake it, because they can’t find the real thing! (via Steven Goddard)

Want a glimpse of what a warmer world with higher sea level might look like?

A local environmental group is asking Orange County residents to help them create that dramatic picture — by taking pictures themselves.

“King tides” should be crashing into the Orange County coast over the next three days. The plan, says Ray Hiemstra, associate director of Orange County Coastkeeper, is to get residents to submit their photos of tidal encounters — waves hitting Balboa Island sea walls, for example, or the ocean front at Seal Beach.

The king tides, he says, are unusually high tides.

“It’s a name for these very high tides that come along occasionally, when everything lines up just right,” Hiemstra said. “The idea is to get people thinking about sea level rise, and what we may expect in the future.”

In other words, nature is happening with natural very high tides that have been happening for billions of years, and, since actual catastrophic sea rise isn’t happening (unlike, say, at the end of the last glaciation period, where sea rise was measured in feet per century, rather than inches, or during the era of the dinosaurs, where North America was bisected by a shallow sea. Damn those nature channels for telling me that!), the climate morons have to make it up. They’re still banging the drum bong and saying there could be a 2-6 foot sea rise by the end of the century. It’d be nice if they could tell us how much the seas will rise this year, and if it will be above the normal rise that has been going on for 20,000 years.

The mountains of snow that have buried the Northeast this winter will have a sweet – and just slightly bitter – taste for the region’s maple syrup producers.

Sweet because an abundance of snow actually helps with the production of the sap that is boiled down to produce syrup. But bitter because, well, too much snow is just as much a chore for maple syrup producers to deal with as it is for the rest of us.

Stupid globull warming snow is just so inconvenient.

A freeze in Mexico and cold weather in Florida and Texas are creating a tomato shortage.

This is expected to drive up prices at the grocery store.

I blame…..Kate at small dead animals for living a modern life that release copious amounts of greenhouse gases that warm the Earth and create cold weather.

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3 Responses to “AGW Today – High Tides, Maple Syrup, And Tomatoes, Oh My”

  1. captainfish says:

    I thought you were blaming Glenn Reynolds? Or, is there plenty of blame to go around?

    Well, it seems to be working. After suffering from -30 degree temps last week, we are now going to be 75 tomorrow.

    Now, if that isn’t man-made global warming…. I don’t know what is.

    And do you know what else is odd?!? Another sign of global warming’s affects??? Snow doesn’t melt any more.

    YEP. All that snow we Had last few weeks, DID NOT MELT even when we had temps in the 50s-60s. It took over a week of those temps to melt about 90% of that snow.

    Can you believe that??? First, I was amazed to find out that steel melts, and now, snow doesn’t melt.

    My head hurts….

  2. Trish says:

    We’ve had snow on the ground in PA since December 26th. The temps have warmed up on a couple of days, but like captain says, the snow just won’t go away. Our neighborhood street was never completely free from snow and ice but is finally uncovered as of yesterday. The temps at night have been in the low 20’s and lower. And the earth seems to be pretty solidly frozen in our yard, so there’s not much melting going on there. Even our dogs are asking for some global warming so they can get to their favorite spots that haven’t been exposed from the snow in months…

  3. I think snow has a melting point of 3000 degrees F, Captain. And, I think it is probably all Trish’s fault 😀

    The dogs are probably like “the bone is right there, I can smell it, but, I can’t dig through this stuff that’s as hard as momma’s kitchen floor. She needs to Do Something about this situation. Otherwise I might eat the walls.”

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