Ride A Bamboo Bike For Gaia!

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Ok, here we go. Not going to rebuild the whole thing (sigh), but, here’s the gist of it, via Steven Goddard, we see loonacy at AOL, er, The Huffington Post

How can you make a green form of transportation even greener? Bryan McClelland may have the answer: bamboo bikes.

McClelland has created the BamBike, a bicycle made out of bamboo. The bicycles are made in Manila, Phillipines, which Reuters reports is one of the most polluted capitals in the world. The bikes, costing around $500, are built by local skilled laborers, and the company advertises that as “a company that is interested in helping out people and the planet,” their bicycles are made with fair-trade labor. (snip)

What do you think? Would you ride a bamboo bike?

Steven’s response? “No. Only a moron would spend $500 on a bamboo bike.” Huzzah!

This isn’t the first time the climate morons (I’m thinking I need to drop the “alarmists” and just go with morons for the time being) have pushed bamboo bikes. Back on the 21st of January, our buddies at Treehugger told us that bamboo bikes were hitting the big time in….Ghana! That’s right, we are supposed to take our lead from a third world shithole, er, developing nation. I’m thinking that the people of Ghana would probably prefer late 20th century housing, power, paved roads, and so forth, rather than frigging bamboo bikes held together with duct tape. But, hey, Liberals always want to save their Little Brown Brothers from the stress and Gaia killing lifestyles like they themselves have.

And, just to give the climate morons the vapors, they do realize that tires are made with….petroleum, and need some sort of oil for lubrication of certain parts, right?

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7 Responses to “Ride A Bamboo Bike For Gaia!”

  1. Poop says:


    I know how much you like this “Climate Change” stuff.

  2. Doomed says:

    What people might find a bit funny about Alaska is that it is dry.

    Anchorage — 15.37″ precip —- 69.0″ snowfall

    Barrow ——- 4.67″ ———– 28.0″

    Fairbanks —- 10.37″ ———– 68.0″

    Homer ——- 24.93″ ———– 58.0″

    Juneau —— 52.86″ ———– 101.0″

    McGrath —– 16.18″ ———– 93.0″

    Nome ——– 15.64″ ———– 56.0″

    Valdez ——- 61.50″ ———– 320.0″

    As you can see the average snowfall in that state is less then it is in Buffalo New York or many other lower 48 states.


    Ocean currents, Jet streams and stratospheric matrices that are just now starting to become understood.

    Any global warming would not be felt in Alaska to any greater degree then it would be felt in Buffalo New York which is the recipient of the conveyor belt of warm currents coming up from the gulf.

    Looking at Buffalo Ny is a much better and more telling sounding board for global warming then looking at matrice fluctiations in Alaska which is a relatively dry state due to the extremes of temperature…..True warming would see massive new snow….NOT LESS.

  3. That’s an interesting one, Poop. Of course, climate change has always happened and always will.

    That’s some good info, Doomed. I did not know that about Alaska.

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  5. Trish says:

    OUCH, wouldn’t want to ride a bamboo bike in say anything other than steel lined shorts!!!!
    On the other hand, they would come in handy for say, Chinese torture!!!!!

  6. captainfish says:

    “I’m thinking I need to drop the “alarmists” and just go with morons for the time being”

    I’m going with traitors. I might be willing to tone it down to say… Climate Socialists.

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