GOP/Climate Deniers To Trigger Climate Apocalypse, Everybody Panic!

Remember the other day, when I mentioned a post from Prison Planet about “Fury builds over blackouts caused by de-industrialization of America?” That same article was apparently cross-posted to Info Wars, and caused death + taxes to offer up a typical unhinged rebuttal. After a bit of silliness in discussion, in which death + taxes doesn’t even have the cajones to link the original article (a no no in the blogosphere), we get

Infowars’ argument is all backwards: In reality, the energy policy that has allowed coal energy to spew ungodly amounts of emissiosn into the environment without any oversight has led to climate change, which led to this year’s brutal blizzard, which turn led to the blackouts.

The accusation that Obama triggers blackouts may be unfounded—but the climate deniers may well trigger a climate apocalypse.

Got that? Greenhouse gases, which heat the planet up, created “this year’s brutal blizzard.” And the Warmists wonder why their pet religion is going the same was as the pet rock?

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4 Responses to “GOP/Climate Deniers To Trigger Climate Apocalypse, Everybody Panic!”

  1. Kevin says:

    Uh Oh! Do you think the alarmists are finally on to us? Do you think they’ve found out the truth – that we’re in league with the old Mayan Gods to bring about the apocalypse by December of next year?

  2. Trish says:

    And now; UFOs over Israel- the prodigal Gods are coming home to roost…

    I think the apocolypse is coming sooner than we thought… can only hope it takes out liberals and environazis in their little teensy Volts,Smart Cars and Prius’s first!

  3. mojo says:

    Heating leads to cooling! BECAUSE I SAID SO!

  4. Sssh, Kevin, don’t let them in on the game.

    The UFO’s are actually causing the globull warming with their GHG emissions, Trish.

    That phrase is exactly how we will know who to sacrifice to the Mayan gods, mojo. Alarmists will bleat that out, and, on the alter they go! 🙂

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