Think Progress Freaks Over “Foreign” Chamber Donators, But Forgets Something

Here’s the latest Think Progress moonbattery

We documented three different ways the Chamber fundraises from foreign corporations: (1) An internal fundraising program called “Business Councils” used to solicit direct, largely foreign contributions to the Chamber, (2) Direct contributions from foreign multinationals like BP, Siemens, and Shell Oil, and (3) From the Chamber’s network of AmCham affiliates, which are foreign chambers of the Chamber composed of American and foreign companies. The Chamber quickly acknowledged that it receives direct, foreign money, but simply replied, “We are not obligated to discuss our internal procedures.” Instead of providing any documentation or proof to demonstrate foreign money is not being used for electioneering purposes, the Chamber launched an aggressive media strategy to first, attack ThinkProgress with petty name-calling and second, to confuse the media by highlighting the Chamber’s relatively minor AmCham fundraising, which the Chamber says (also without documentation) totals “approximately $100,000” from all 115 international AmCham chapters. The Chamber and the media largely ignored ThinkProgress’ revelation about the Chamber’s direct foreign fundraising to its 501(c)(6) used for attack ads.

Let’s see:

  • Shell Oil donated $22,000 to House Democrats and $3,000 to Senate Dems during the 2008 election cycle.
  • Obama was the biggest recipient from BP in 2008
  • Siemens gave $100,ooo to House Dems and $30,000 to Senate Dems.

Now, obviously, Think Progress is confused about the fact that foreign companies operating on American soil are allowed to donate. But, hey, would you expect unhinged leftists to understand business?

If you go down the list, you find the same thing: companies that operate on American soil, and donating to both Republicans and Democrats.

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6 Responses to “Think Progress Freaks Over “Foreign” Chamber Donators, But Forgets Something”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    No offense, but what is “$3,00” as in Shell Oil donated $22,000 to House Democrats and $3,00 to Senate Dems during the 2008 election cycle?

    It’s a dreaded typo!


  2. captainfish says:

    No gitarcarver, that just means they love the House Dems much, much more.

    Hey Teach, how much did Shell and BP donate to the Repubs? just curious….

  3. Typo? What typo? Fixed

    For Shell, 15K and 35K (house/senate). BP Pac
    Total to Democrats: $62,500
    Total to Republicans: $69,500

    Total to Democrats: $19,000
    Total to Republicans: $47,500

  4. captainfish says:

    I have never understood donating to both sides of the field. You either believe in and support the candidate of one party, or you are trying to buy influence. And for only $19,000, that would never work.

    Seems to me, that they would WHOLLY support the party that would provide them with the most opportunities to drill and thus make money. Supporting dems would defeat that business purpose.

  5. True, true, but, a lot of times there are politicians on both sides they need to try and influence, especially in the House. In this case, Dems and Republicans from oil states. Senators, not so much.

  6. gitarcarver says:

    Thanks Teach.


    The money from corporations is seldom given to support one side or the other. It is given to gain access to the candidate if and when they win the election.

    “Hey Congresscritter, this is Joe Frombitz from ABC Company. We supported you last year with a campaign contribution. This new bill coming up,….. do you have a few minutes to talk about it?”

    Playing both sides of the aisle allows for access to both sides.

    Now if you, a simple constituent wanted to talk to your Representative, you would be told to talk to a staffer, send a letter, send an email, or whatever. Because you didn’t give him money, you don’t have access to him.

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