Rule 5: Zombies In Harrisburg Gotta Pay

Looks like someone forgot to tell Harrisburg that the recession is over

Turns out even zombies can’t fight City Hall.

But they can change the neighborhoods they haunt.

The sponsors of Harrisburg’s social media-driven Zombie Walk are doing just that this year. The midstate’s “undead” will take their second annual Halloween season perambulation, held in downtown Harrisburg last year, to the concourses of the Harrisburg Mall.


The venue change is due to the late-breaking news that Harrisburg’s city government wanted, shall we say, its pound of flesh from walk organizers this year, in the form of $450 in march and permit fees plus event insurance.

Why would zombies need insurance? They’re already dead.

Heh! Even pirate zombie babe!

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12 Responses to “Rule 5: Zombies In Harrisburg Gotta Pay”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    One of the towns near me has had a “zombie walk” for the last few years. This year, the town council raised similar noise as Harrisburg did.

    The shop owners of the area where the zombie walk was scheduled to take place called the city commissioners and basically asked the rhetorical question of “are you nuts?”

    The walkers partied, bought food in the restaurants, went to the bars, danced in the night clubs, etc, The town made more in taxes and the businesses made lots in “zombie money.”

    It is typical of city council members to be short sighted as those in Harrisburg are being. Do you think the mall is going to be upset at the influx of the walkers and the people that are going to come just to watch them?

    As of late, is seems that governments at all levels are trying their best to prevent people from making money and keeping their businesses alive.

  2. proof says:

    “Pirate zombie babe” Care to hoist that Jolly Roger up the flagpole?

  3. proof says:

    (I suppose “those” Jolly Rogers would have been more appropriate!)

  4. Otter says:

    I grew up in Harrisburg!

    And there used to be a Much larger event nearby, in Steelton. the Trot And Brew, it involved a race down the main street of Steelton- stopping in Every Single Bar along the way for a drink- and proceeding onwards. It drew people from as far away as Texas, thousands would fill the streets to watch.

    Steelton used to have, what, 32 bars on the main stretch? Still quite a few there, but it no matters. The democrat-leg town government shut it down in the 80s, after it had run for 20 years.

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  6. I look at that zomebie on the right of the picture and can’t help but hear Austin Powers saying, “That’s a man, baby!”

  7. I really should have cropped that picture.

  8. captainfish says:

    Yes, you should have Teach. You are starting to worry me in your “picture” attentiveness. shame.

    But, are these zombie walks turning out to be just another reason for exhibitionists to strip to their underwear and jaunt around in public? I mean, they don’t even look like zombies. More likely ho-rejects from KISS concerts.

    And I agree, however, people elect the city council reps. It’s the people’s fault for electing these moronic-anti-business people.

    Granted, according to the letter of the law (which David loves to point out – NFL? lol) there is a fee and permit for marches. And I would charge double for people marching in their underwear – for the watchers.

    Don’t “dance” clubs charge their watchers?

  9. Hey, I made up for that photo with the rest, right?

    Interesting that y’all notice the dude 😀

  10. captainfish says:

    well, I did, but I also believe in DADT!! sooo….

    And, YES YOU DID!!!! Amen.

    And I call SHOTGUN. I get the Apocalypse babe on my team.

  11. gitarcarver says:

    Granted, according to the letter of the law (which David loves to point out – NFL? lol) there is a fee and permit for marches.

    Ummmm…. no, there are not. There are permits for marches that take to the streets and parades, but there is no indication that the zombie march was anywhere but public sidewalks.

    Quoting the article:

    “A cash-strapped city couldn’t pay for this kind of event to draw a crowd to downtown Harrisburg,” Ward wrote. “But Harrisburg officials just want to squeeze every cent from anyone they can, it seems. $700+ for fans to dress up for Halloween and walk [or shuffle, as is more appropriate for zombies] around a few blocks in a single loop — just WALK. On SIDEWALKS.”

    Devorick confirmed Friday that last year’s walk was just that, a walk with costumed zombies lurching down the sidewalks. They even made a point of crossing streets with the walk signs.

    Are you seriously saying that people should have to pay to walk on the very sidewalks for which their taxes paid?

    Don’t “dance” clubs charge their watchers?

    Aren’t dance clubs private venues as opposed to the sidewalk?

    Just out of curiosity, do you think that striking workers should have to get a permit? If not, why not? Aren’t they doing the same thing as the “zombies?” In fact, instead of hurting business like a strike, are zombies helping businesses?

    If so, isn’t that a restriction of free speech and expression?

  12. captainfish says:

    Regarding the watcher fees – Oh come on, can’t you detect a little tongue-in-cheek? lol

    As for the event taking part on sidewalks, I didn’t see that part. If so, then you could be correct. But, aren’t events permitted and not necessarily for where they are held?

    Anyway, on a side note, I think the whole permit and fee to march is unconstitutional. Freedom to associate and express your opinion, and all that jazz. Why do we need to seek the city’s permission to walk down a street expressing our group’s opinion on a matter? And then some city’s arrest people for not being permitted or having the right permit. Is that arresting people for associating and speaking their mind?

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