Comments Down Briefly. Up, But May Look Weird For A Bit

The threaded comments plugin I have been using is not WordPress 3.0.1 compliant, so, have some fixing to do in the Comments.php file.

Update: Just cannot get threaded comments to work correctly, when I turn the plugin off and used the internal WP ones, plus, hoses Gigya Socialize, and Gravatars do not show. Turning plugin back on for the time being, till I can get it to work using the backup site. Taking a break from trying to fix, eyes killing me.

Double Update: added another plugin, allows people to respond to a comment, shows below the emoticons. Of, course, I’m the person who uses the most

Formatting might look strange due to caching for a bit, had a mistake in the Comments.php file.

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2 Responses to “Comments Down Briefly. Up, But May Look Weird For A Bit”

  1. proof says:

    I sympathize with your struggles. There ought to be a word that describes the perils and pitfalls of blogging and the travails of keeping a blog afloat in balancing all the little ones and zeros. I shall set my mind to coining one, in my copious spare time. Or, as Miss Scarlett said, I shall think about that tomorrow…

    • It’s vexing. I use the original comments file, and doesn’t work correctly. I tried uploading a clean version of a different theme I have used before, and still wouldn’t work. A few 3.0 themes did. Eh. Not going to worry or spend time.

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