Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day! Obama Spends Weekend Slamming Republicans

Aaaaaarrrrr! Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day 2010! The Pirate In Chief, who has worked hard to pillage and plunder the American economy, burying the wealth so deep that it will be hard to ever find, has spent the weekend being the Campaigner In Chief  (shocker, eh?), starting off with his weekly address, something which was originally intended to be a non-partisan “chat” with the American People. All the American People. Yet, this week, he used the official, taxpayer funded, owned by The People pulpit to smear Republicans and tell people to vote Democrat.

Saturday night, The Plunderer-in-Chief attended a fancy schmansy party with the Congressional Black Caucus

President Obama implored black voters on Saturday to restoke the passion they felt for his groundbreaking campaign two years ago and turn out in force this fall to repel Republicans who are ready to “turn back the clock.”

In a fiery speech to the Congressional Black Caucus, Obama warned that Republicans hoping to seize control of Congress want “to do what’s right politically, instead of what’s right — period.”

“I need everybody here to go back to your neighborhoods, to go back to your workplaces, to go to the churches, and go to the barbershops and go to the beauty shops. And tell them we’ve got more work to do,” Obama said to cheers from a black-tie audience at the Washington Convention Center. “Tell them we can’t wait to organize. Tell them that the time for action is now.”

Oh, good, the liberal elite, attending a black tie event, talking down to the African American community, telling them, “get out there. Vote. It doesn’t matter that our policies have done tremendous harm. Nor does it matter that we will do worse. And have broken most of our promises. Nor that we take liberal activists for granted. Nor that we simply see groups like Blacks as a voting block that should just vote then shut the hell up. Get out there and vote.”

“It’s not surprising given the hardships that we’re seeing across the land that a lot of people may not be feeling very energized, very engaged right now,” Obama said. “A lot of folks may be feeling like politics is something that they get involved with every four years when there’s a presidential election, but they don’t see why they should bother the rest of the time.”

But he said he’s just begun rolling back a devastating recession that’s come down “with a vengeance” on African-American neighborhoods that were already suffering.
“We have to finish the plan you elected me to put in place,” Obama said.

We have to finish fundementally transforming the nation and the economy into a dead wringer for Greece.

Summoning the joy many blacks felt at the election of the first African-American president, and recalling the words of actor and activist Ossie Davis, he declared, “It’s not the man, it’s the plan.”

You mean the communist Ossie Davis?

But the hall grew quiet as Obama warned, “Remember, the other side has a plan too. It’s a plan to turn back the clock on every bit of progress we’ve made.”

Considering the venue, this sure seems like a veiled call about Republicans wanting to turn the clock back to a time of rampant racism. Sssssh, don’t tell Barry that it was his party which pushed the organized racism.

The president rattled off a succession of things his administration has done since he took office, including bailing out GM and Chrysler, healthcare reform, Wall Street regulatory reform, and ending the combat mission in Iraq.

Funny ’bout dat. Most Democrats do not want to discuss any of this out on the campaign trail. Not too mention that Obama simply followed the Bush plan to end the combat mission in Iraq.

“Do you want to give them the keys back? Me neither,” he said. “And do you know why? Because they don’t know how to drive! At a time when we’re just getting out of the ditch, they’d put the car in reverse and drive us right back in.”

Good Lord. Talking about being stuck on stupid. Same old talking points, yet, Obama forgets that talking points do not get things done. They can get a man with virtually no real world experience, a man who avoided most tough political votes, and a man with no execuituve experience, elected to the most important position in the world, yet, action speak louder than words, an Obama’s actions have made it so that most Democrats do not want a campaign appearance by the Narcissist in Chief. He has become an albatross around the Democrat Parties neck in less than two years.

Just for a hoot, the folks at mybarackobama.com think he is more like a ninja, and McCain was the pirate. I only mention it because I got a kick out seeing two of my photoshops used for the McCain graphic (the two on the left) when I ran across the picture as I was searching for the top graphic.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU. Re-Change 2010!

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3 Responses to “Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day! Obama Spends Weekend Slamming Republicans”

  1. Kevin says:


    There be me anti-virus installation favorite for landlubbers who’ll not abide a yearly payment.

  2. Bunni says:

    Super post, Bill! Isn’t it pathetic that the biggest plunderer in the history of America can’t stop CAMPAIGNING? It’s sicking. I can’t stand to watch or listen to the creep at length, but it was comical seeing him trying to energize his base. Yeah, like those folks are going to go to the corner shops in the hood. In Chicago they’d be shot dead. He is desperate now. The stuff he was saying.

    I was reading the twitter feed of Mark Knoller, who was attending the dinner. Some of his stuff was hilarious.
    Bammy was throwing out his nonsense about how the Repbs. sit around sucking on slurpee’s, and how we like our tater tots, etc. etc.
    I think he has a serious oral fixation and is starving for more junk food. For all the eating he does, he’s awful thin and sickly looking, isn’t he? Hmmmmm

    here’s the feed

    Upon checking it, I see that Bammy has gone to CHURCH TODAY! OMG, how transparent! Guess that “CREATOR” flap got him in trouble.

  3. captainfish says:

    The president rattled off a succession of things his administration has done since he took office, including bailing out GM and Chrysler, healthcare reform, Wall Street regulatory reform, and ending the combat mission in Iraq.”

    except, the people in America view those things as negative. And will show you real soon.

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