Re-Change 2010!

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12 Responses to “Re-Change 2010!”

  1. Reasic says:

    “Restored America”? Restored to what?

  2. Otter says:

    Something better than obummer and the dims in Congress have made it, bunny.

  3. Reasic says:

    Any specifics?

  4. captainfish says:

    Any clue?

    Someone hasn’t been paying attention over the last few years…..

  5. Reasic says:

    Seriously, captainfish. It would be nice to see just one person intelligently articulate what exactly they’d like to “restore”. Just wondering if there’s any real thought behind this, or if it’s just more regurgitation of talking points as usual.

  6. Otter says:

    A jobless rate lower than 6% would be a good start.

  7. Reasic says:

    First of all, is that it? You have your panties all in a wad over Obama and all of the havoc he’s wreaking on our country, and this is all you’ve got? Where’s the platform?

    Also, I’d like unemployment to dip, too. Funny thing, though, is that this spike in unemployment was the result of the economic downturn, which started under Bush, and was a direct result of the Financial Services Modernization Act, and later de-regulation under Bush, which allowed such things as credit default swaps to be created, bolstering the economy in the short term, but wreaking long-term havoc in the markets. I’m sure you’d rather believe it’s all about giving too many loans to poor people, despite the fact that most loan defaults and foreclosures were in affluent areas.

    I’m sure you’d also rather have seen the government take tax rates even lower, especially for the higher tax brackets, and have not passed any stimulus spending, despite the fact that most economists agree that the stimulus spending kept this recession from turning into another Great Depression.

  8. captainfish says:

    Economy restored to pre-Clinton days.
    Government regulation restored to pre 1920’s days.
    Taxes restored to pre-colonial days.
    Honor restored to previous Liberal-rule days.
    Character and truth restored.
    GOD and Faith restored to pre-Liberal-and-Progressive-destruction days.
    Family values restored prior to pro-abortion beliefs.
    Vision of nuclear power restored to prior to nutroots destruction of our energy supply.
    Petroleum production ability restored to prior to Nixon.
    Internet and broadband regulation restored to the way it was in the 80’s and 90’s.
    Our image and strength in the world restored to before Obama.
    Our strength restored to the way it was during WW2.
    Restore states rights to prior 1920s.

    That specific enough for ya?
    I could think of more but I have already wasted enough time on your weaselly whining comments.

  9. Otter says:

    ‘I’m sure you’d also rather have seen the government take tax rates even lower, especially for higher tax brackets’

    And youd be a LYING SACK OF SHIT to make such a false assumption, RealSick.

  10. Reasic says:

    Okay, so you’re okay with the highest tax bracket remaining the same throughout the recession?

  11. Otter says:

    So Ok, you’re fine with the middle class being hit with More taxes after the turn of this year? Especially with obummercare, and soon-to-come cap-and-strangle?

  12. Reasic says:

    Don’t answer my question with a question. You said I am a “lying sack of shit”, because I assumed. So does that mean that you do not want the highest tax bracket to be lowered?

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