Even Greenies Are Having Problems Believing In AGW

Sucks when your house of cards continues to crumble

A new national poll of green consumers found that belief in global warming is declining, and even the worst nightmare scenarios would not change people’s minds or behaviors.

The poll, one of four annual surveys conducted by Shelton Group, surveyed 1,098 Americans who at least occasionally buy green products and found only about half believe climate change is occurring and caused by human beings.

Asked whether they agreed with the statement, “Global warming or climate change is occurring and it is primarily caused by human activity,” 52% of green consumers agreed, compared to 49% of U.S. consumers overall. That’s down significantly from a year ago when 58% of all U.S. consumers agreed.

I’ve always thought that one of the (numerous) problems is the way the questions are posed. If you ask me if the Earth’s climate is changing, I would say yes. If you ask if it is all or mostly Mankind’s fault, no. If you ask if Mankind has a small piece of the pie, I would say yes. And when you throw the distraction phrase, designed to cover hot, cold, wet, dry, more snow, less snow, you name it, like climate change around, rational people know they are about to be covered in mule fritters.

Respondents who disagreed, or were undecided, were then asked, “Which of the following scenarios would convince you that climate change is a real and immediate threat and cause you to make dramatic changes in your lifestyle? You wake up one morning and find out that…” followed by a list of nightmare scenarios. These included: The polar ice cap has completely melted, kids can no longer play outside in the summer and Nebraska is turning into a desert.

The top two responses were: “None of these would convince me” at 27%; and “One or more of these would convince me but I would be unlikely to make changes” at 24%.

So, even with scary phrases, climate alarmists themselves refuse to change their lifestyles. Yet, they want everyone else to change theirs.

BTW, you don’t have to be a climate alarmist just to be “green.” Green is supposed to be about being environmentally responsible, rather then alarmism.

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3 Responses to “Even Greenies Are Having Problems Believing In AGW”

  1. Otter says:

    The military always plans for ALL possibilities, even those as far-fetched as AGW.

    The north pole has seen ice-free summer thousands of times over the last half-billion years. It will see thousands more.

  2. John Ryan says:

    The Earth was a hot molten sphere 2000 degrees F four billion years ago I am not sure how significant that is to todays climate, nor the significance of what it was like 1/2 a billion years ago. There are now about 7 billion humans here that were not here at those other times. My concern is more about what will happen over say the next 100 years and how it will effect life on this planet. I am 62 years old for me personally any change will be fairly easy to deal with. Teach do you think that the Earth is warming ? Do you think that humans play ANY part in that change ? What % of climate change do you think is caused by man ? And what do you think may be causing it that is not caused by man ? Please remember that volcanic activity is in the normal range while the sun is still in a dim cycle

  3. Otter says:

    Gave up on the ‘6000 years’ meme, ‘lil LIAR?

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