19 Cross-dressers Flogged Under Sharia Law

No matter what one might think of gays and/or cross-dressers, approve or disapprove, nowhere in human compassion should something like this happen to someone simply being themselves

A SUDANESE court had 19 Muslim youths flogged in public overnight for dressing up like women.

The punishment was carried out immediately after the sentencing by the court in Omdurman, which lies across the Nile river from Khartoum.

Hundreds of people looked on as each young man received 30 lashes, an AFP correspondent reported.

They were convicted under laws that forbid “indecent clothing”. The youths must also pay fines ranging between 500 and 1000 Sudanese pounds ($US200 to $US400).

The Sudanese press said the men were homosexuals attending a same sex marriage. Northern Sudan is governed by Islamic law, which forbids homosexuality.

This is exactly what many of the Islamists want to bring to America (and the rest of the world), ones such as the Imam for the Ground Zero mosque project. One might think that those on the left, self proclaimed champions of minorities, women, and alternative lifestyles, would actually take a stand against a religion that would turn minorities, women, and those who have alternative lifestyles into, at best, second class citizens.  Alas, no. Those on the left seem to prefer “embracing diversity” of a religion that would have gays lashed for being gay, women lashed for being seen with a man other than their husband, and stoned for being raped.

More: Serendipidy is great. Via Memeorandum, we get this story from the Daily Mail

A British holidaymaker has been charged with indecency in Dubai after walking through the world’s largest shopping centre in a bikini.

The woman was buying clothes and gifts in the Dubai Mall, fully dressed but in a low-cut top, when she was accosted by an Arabic woman and criticised for wearing ‘revealing clothing’.

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4 Responses to “19 Cross-dressers Flogged Under Sharia Law”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach better google Haredi Jewish modesty patrols and see what is going on in Israel. They have even thrown acid in the face of a young Jewess for the crime of wearing PANTS Social conservatives have much in common regardless of their religion

  2. Thomas W. Hoffa says:

    Big difference John Ryan. In Israel,Haredi Jewish modesty patrols are considered criminal gangs, and are subject to arrest.In the Islamic countries they are sanctioned by the state.

  3. Why am I not surprised you fail to condemn these actions by radical Islamists, and immediately attack Jews, John? You are definitely bigoted and an anti-Semite. For every one incident you cite, I can provide you with thousands by Islamists.

    Good catch, Thomas. Of course, John won’t understand the difference. In his world, Jews are always the bad guys.

  4. BuckFobama says:

    in johnny ryans eyes the jooooos in israel are criminals even if they arrest the haredi jews in john rynas worlds ahmanutjob is the bad guy who will be assassinated by the islamophobic queers in his world prop 8 is bigoted

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