Darn! Illegals Flooding Out Of Arizona

The Associated Press seems a little shocked that this would occur

“Cinco dolares,” Silvia Arias says when asked the price of car polish at a garage sale that she and two close friends, Minerva Ruiz and Claudia Suriano, are holding. “Five dollars.” Another sale is made.

The three women planned the sale to raise money to leave Arizona. Though all are longtime residents, viewed as pillars of parental support at the neighborhood elementary school, they’re also illegal immigrants from Mexico. And along with many others, they want to escape a tough new state law whose stated intention is unambiguous: To drive illegal immigrants out of Arizona and to discourage them from coming here.

That is kinda the point, namely, to get the illegals out of Arizona, and give them reasons not to come.

Isn’t it fantastic, though, that our media seems to be easily able to track the illegals down for an interview? Say, wouldn’t that make them accessory to a crime?

There is no official data tracking how many are leaving as a result. “It’s something that’s really tough to get a handle on numerically,” said Bill Schooling, Arizona’s state demographer. “It’s not just the immigration bill. It’s also employer sanctions and the economy. How do you separate out the motivating factors?”

Still, anecdotal evidence provided by schools and businesses in heavily Hispanic neighborhoods and by health care clinics suggests that sizable numbers are departing. Ignacio Rodriguez, associate director for the Phoenix Roman Catholic diocese’s Office of Hispanic Ministries, said churches in the area are also seeing families leave.

The law hasn’t even taken affect, and it is already working! Give the governor a hurumph!

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4 Responses to “Darn! Illegals Flooding Out Of Arizona”

  1. Brodie says:

    I wanna give her more than that. This is great news!!

  2. Otter says:

    I feel sorry for neighboring states which don’t have similar laws in the works. Their hospitals and schools are about to be overloaded. If they have Democrats running the show, they’ll have NO choice in the matter.

  3. Otter says:

    btw, ‘lil LIAR johnnie ryan. We are still waiting for:

    1. absolute Proof that ‘thousands’ died when the levee burst in NO.

    2. proof that this past May was warmer than any May during the MWP, or the RWP, or the Minoan WP, or the Holocene Optimum…

    You keep talking about FACTS, and then then whimper you are being attacked when you can’t even back up your claims.

  4. Claymore Mines and Browning M-2s would help also.

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