Washington Post Yanks Out Hankies Over Illegal Alien Graduates

It’s a tear jerker, folks. Another in a long series by the supporters of law breakers: Amid Arizona immigration protests, a new generation dreams of the Dream Act

Among the 10,000 or so protesters who gathered in front of the state Capitol here last weekend under a scorching sun, one group stood out. Despite the heat, they wore graduation caps and gowns in shiny royal blue and sunburst yellow.

They were graduates of American colleges, young people who mostly grew up in the United States, accidental Americans who just happen to be living here illegally.

Like the rest of the crowd, they came to protest Arizona’s controversial new immigration enforcement law, but they also sought recognition of a long-sought goal — passage of the Dream Act, federal legislation that would provide a path toward legal status for people like them, undocumented immigrants who were brought to this country as children by their parents.

Hey, you know what would happen if they did this in Mexico? Yup. A long stay in one of Mexico’s notorious prisons. Same for quite a few other countries.

Unlike their parents, however, these young people aren’t keeping quiet about their immigration status. They are staging protests around the country, risking arrest and deportation. It’s something their parents, for the most part, would never think of doing. But as this group of mostly 20-somethings sees it, they are American in every way — except on paper. They have lived in the United States for at least 10 years. They speak perfect English and attended grade schools and universities here. They have American friends, American lifestyles and typical American sensibilities.

Lots of criminals speak English and the rest. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be punished.

“In school we learned that if you do everything right and live by the rules, that you’ll be rewarded, that everything will pay off, that you can be whatever you want to be,” said Lizbeth Mateo, 25, who came to this country from Mexico at age 14. “We really believed that. We never felt different from other American kids, and now we want to start contributing to our country and make our country better.”

Actually, I hate to say it, this is why the issue is not pure black and white. Some will say “just deport them.”  Some will say “just give them amnesty”, such as the Washington Post columnist. Not every illegal is a bad person, and some had no choice, as their parents brought them to this great country. So, what to do with them? Personally, I say, give them a choice. Either leave the country, or, pay a big, huge whopping fine, around the amount of money it has cost this country to educate them, with interest, and then go through the system, applying for citizenship, like everyone else.

The problem with the DREAM Act is that it simply says “here are the conditions that must be met, and then we’ll put you in line,” yet, there are no actual penalties, no way of recouping the money spent on these illegals. Quite a few of these folks certainly do want to be US citizens. They have grown up loving this country. Some serve in the military. Do we just kick them out? Some could, down the road, make huge contributions to this country. Add fines into the DREAM Act, and, while it might not be popular, it would at least be palatable.

Oh, and add a rider into the Act which slaps companies who hire illegals with massive whopping fines.

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2 Responses to “Washington Post Yanks Out Hankies Over Illegal Alien Graduates”

  1. captainfish says:

    “accidental Americans who just happen to be living here illegally.”

    uhhh… then you ain’t Americans!!!! Just happen?? Like they had no choice? Like they didn’t know that breaking in to our country was illegal in itself?


    If they pass any form of amnesty program, it needs to coincide with a doubling of ICE enforcement. Make employer fines MASSIVE = 80% of Gross Income of Company. Make the “fee” for amnesty pay off their debt load to America = $30,000 and up – based on number of years the GOVT says they were here. Then again, they wait at the back of the line. IF they do something bad…… like protesting against America,or break law … then they lose amnesty.

  2. mojo says:

    Send them all bills for the out-of-state tuition they didn’t pay.

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