Collapsing Science Today Mishmash

A handy reference for the AGW scandals.


Senior scientists at the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WITG) has rejected the Global Warming Theory and told that the Himalayas are quite safer zone on earth, where Global Warming has no role in controlling the conditions.

“According to a data for over 140 years available with a British weather observatory situated in Mukteswar (2311m) in Almora has actually revealed that temperature in that region witnessed a dip of .4 degrees,” he said.

What have the envirowackos wrought in Jolly Ole England, partly related to AGW idiocy?

……what is to be done to avert the fast-looming crisis in Britain’s electricity supplies. With 40 per cent of our generating capacity due to disappear in the next few years, as 14 of our major nuclear and coal-fired power stations are forced to close, how do the parties propose to keep Britain’s lights on and our computer-dependent economy functioning?

Those wonderful AGW stopping windfarms? Noise complaints. (just for reference, I fully support the use of alternative and renewable energy sources. We just have to do it the right way)

The UK Met Office will no longer offer seasonal predictions, since they have basically been dropping the ball the last few years.

Texas, Virginia, and Alabama sue the EPA over global warming foolishness.

AJ Strata has an excellent article on that methane release in Russia issue.

Oh, guess what? Glaciers are growing, not melting. Including some that were in a study Al Gore recently cited.

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