The Prudishness Of The Left, As Applied To Scott Brown

The Left is so cute when they get their claws into a juicy story that is going to blow the lid off a candidate’s life, especially when it comes to some sort of sex scandal. John Edwards had an affair and got his mistress pregnant while his wife had cancer? Meh. But, Scott Brown appeared in the nude!!!!!!! Stop the presses! He must, somehow, we aren’t quite sure how, be unfit to be a U.S. Senator! Barney Frank had an escort service being run out of his home? Whatever. But, but, Scott Brown’s daughters appeared in public wearing bikinis! BIKINIS! Oh, the humanity! And Scott was in the picture with them! Someone actually *gasp* unearthed this picture!

Shocking, simply shocking! This makes that smoking pot thing by Obama look like a jay walking ticket!

And, did you know that Brown’s wife appeared in a music video back in 1982? How dare she! (for those young folks out there, there was a time where the music TV channels actually played music videos)

And we all remember this video, Digney Fignus’ “Girl with a Curious Hand”, right? No? Heck, I watched MTV non-stop during much of the 80’s while growing up, and I cannot remember it at all. But, that doesn’t matter, because

Digney Fignus’ “Girl with a Curious Hand” proves hastily-elected political upstarts are the only kind of politician worth having, in terms of embarrassing internet detritus. (If you care about effective governance, meh.) Before she was a Boston news anchor (and now a senator’s wife) Gail Huff was the pouty, tousled-hair video girl who romps in the ocean, sheds her bikini top, and creates sexual innuendo by squeezing a tube of sunscreen, making it squirt all over the place.

I’m convinced. Scott Brown is not qualified to be a U.S. Senator. Next thing you know, we’ll find out that he had sex. With his wife!

(hmm, maybe I can preempt R.S. McCain’s web-bomb on Scott Brown’s daughters wear bikinis.)

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7 Responses to “The Prudishness Of The Left, As Applied To Scott Brown”

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  2. Duncan says:

    I also heard some lefty reject from Air America say on the radio that he was surprised that there wasn’t more outrage at Senator-elect Brown’s “offering of his daughters” during his victory speech. He said they were available to date, which was more of a tease to his daughters to embarass them on national TV as opposed as an attempt to pimp them out.

    The lamentations, gnashing of teeth, and temper tantrums on the left would be funny if they weren’t so sad…

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  4. manbearpig says:

    boy, his wife was sort of a hottie back in the day. As Chris Brown would say about Rihanna, “I’d hit it”.

  5. It’s amazing that the Left has no problem with Obama lying left and right, making fun of Scott Brown’s truck, in effect, dissing the entire middle class, but, they go all weird on that “available” comment, which wasn’t what Brown meant, as you point out.

    She’s still kinda hot, in the MILF sort of way 🙂

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