Little Green Goofballs Gets More Admirers!

Earlier today, John Hawkins at Right Wing News wrote about the kerfuffle with Excitable Chucky Johnson, or, as R.S. McCain calls him, Mad King Charles. John did it a lot nicer than the rest of us have, as only he can do, and it is well worth a read.

Cynthia Yockey weighs in on the debate.

R.S. McCain catches Excitable Chucky exposing yet another scary neo-nazi.

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck, Birtherism, TEA Party, religion, right wing, Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck, TEA Party, Tea Party, Tea Party hatred, a few sort of anti-Jihad posts, hatred hatred hatred. Au revior, Auf Wiedersehen, arrivederci to all sanity at Little Green Goofballs.

More: Gateway Pundit caught the squeal back on Tuesday, and points out that Chucky is a wee bit hypocritical vis a vis posting pictures of Obama as Hitler.

Ace catches Excitable Andy cheering Excitable Chucky’s “continued evolution.”

JOSHUAPUNDIT throws Mad King Charles out of the game.

And, I have to give one more link to R.S. McCain, who points out that this is really not a blogwar.

Pam Geller rips Chucky and the Gooballoids up one side and down the other for their support for Rifqa Bary’s parents, as does Robert Spencer.

Rusty throws a few sand raiders on the fire.

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5 Responses to “Little Green Goofballs Gets More Admirers!”

  1. Rob says:

    It’s good to know I have readers in the Pirate community..thanks for the link, Cap’n!

    Rob @Joshuapundit

  2. I’m not alone! [Updated]…

    Wow – my last post on the changes at the Little Green Footballs website generated a huge surge in traffic, as well as plenty of comments and mail. I was linked by plenty of other websites that I hadn’t even heard of before. Apparently, I’m far from a…

  3. Quite welcome, Joshua!

    That is ROTFLOL funny, TFMo. Love it!

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