Little Chucky Johnson Earning More Smackdowns

I was going to make these two links Asides, but, na, front page

The Shield Of Achilles: Goodbye Little Green Footballs, Hello Powerline. TSOA owner John Rohan shows us what happens when you question Charles Johnson, even extremely nicely, as well as the rampant paranoia and derangement of Excitable Chucky Johnson.

My comments actually started at #240, which Charles deleted too quickly for me to get a screen capture. But in it, I simply quoted several commenters at Powerline, who claimed they were banned from LGF simply for disagreeing with Charles, such as here, here and here. I then, without making an accusation, simply asked if there was any truth to what these men were alleging. Here is how the conversation went after that:

YID With LID: Little Green Footballs.

Just to give full disclosure upfront, I used to consider Charles Johnson one of my “Idols” in the blogging world. He helped invent citizen Journalism.  That was until banned from Little Green Footballs for one reason, refusing to give up my friendship with Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) and Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch).

Lest anyone think this is a Right vs. Right blogwar, Charles Johnson was never on the Right. He has always been a Progressive who had been an anti-Jihad blogger.

Make sure to add them to your Blogroll and feedreader.

H/T R.S. McCain.

More: Saberpoint writes: BAN CHARLES JOHNSON: Don’t Read or Link to “Little Green Footballs”. He also has a great graphic. (how long till my copy gets banned from Photobucket?)

One thing: as I wrote yesterday “if you want to link Excitable Chucky without actually giving him credit for a link (or any other unhinged tool,) a fun little thing is to add in front of the link. Basil will get the credit, but, clicking on the link will take you to the site in moonbattery.” Another thing to do is to read it in a feedreader, provided that Chucky allows full articles. Haven’t had him in my Bloglines in a long time.

At Founding Bloggers, we learn two things. First, that Chucky’s meds have truly worn off, and he has delinked Pajamas Media, a site he helped start. Second, he has called Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit a “borderline illiterate bigot.”

And More: Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs says “I Won :)” Really, is there any difference between LGF and the Huffington Post? Well, of course, the HuffPo is less insane. (via Jay at STACLU)

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3 Responses to “Little Chucky Johnson Earning More Smackdowns”

  1. […] Update: I told Pamela in an email just yesterday a list of bigger blogs and predicted he would be smearing one of them next. Today…it happens. He has delinked Pajamas Media (which he helped found) and calls Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit an illiterate bigot! Thanks Teach! […]

  2. Duncan says:

    I stopped reading LGF a while back, before he the mask slipped. Not sure why, can’t really put my finger on it. But I shan’t be back…

  3. I now treat LGF much like I treat Andrew Sullivan and the DU: pop in to see the latest insanity.

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